Why Art Is Important For Children’s Development

Curiosity is in the nature of children and so as soon they gain control over their limbs they are ready to explore the world. When the kids observe and imitate the world it helps in the development of their abilities and the connections in their brain gets stronger. This is the reason that we should let children get creative because it is the best form of exploration. While we focus on encouraging them to read and write, here we have a list of reasons that will help you understand why art is also important for children.

Promotes Creativity

Art is the best way that will let the kids express themselves in the perfect way. Research has shown that if you will create a painting to help your kids learn it will allow them to have a creative mind. When kids will have a creative approach to everything, it will help them to learn and remember things quickly.

The artistic approach will make creativity a natural instinct of the children and it will help them in the future. It will allow them to create things that come into their mind and it would be easierfor them to select the path that they would like to pursue.

Fine Motor Skills

One of the biggest changes that you will notice in your kid is that his fine motor skills will be improved. When they will learn to grab the pencil or brush for the first time, they might make some random lines. However, with the passage of time, their expertise will improve. You will notice that how accurately they are filling the space with colours and there is no irregularity in the shades. Their movements will be more controlled and it would be easier for the child to grasp things.

Neuron Development

As the kids are in a growing age the neuronal development is very important. Otherwise, they might find it hard to experience many new skills and abilities. Art is the best way to help kids in their neuronal development in the following ways:

  • When the child will concentrate the pressure on the brain will cause the development of new neurons
  • The non-working neural pathways will be stimulated in such a way that they will help in the transmission of action potential
  • There will be development of neurons that cause transmission of an impulse towards the hands and eyes because they are mostly involved in artistic activities

Develops Problem-Solving Abilities

When kids will be involved in artistic activities it would be easier for them to enhance their critical thinking abilities. The reason is that when the kids will concentrate on the images that they have to colour or the shapes that they have to make it would develop the problem-solving skills.

Children would like to have perfection in their shapes and shades. So with practice, they will develop such ways that will allow them to create perfect shapes. They might use a cover to create a circle but it would be their idea. So let them think and find a solution because it is the most wanted skill in the business world.

Express Themselves

Art helps the kids to express their feeling. Psychologists have researched and proved that what a child feels inside he expresses it in the form of drawings and paintings. This is the reason that when the kids are stressed about their family or miss a member of their family they often describe it in the form of their paintings.

This is the reason that this approach is often utilized for the testing of a child’s mental approach. When the kids will be able to express themselves properly it would be easier to train and guide them for the future.

Emotional Development

The best thing about the artistic approach is that it will allow the kids to develop emotionally.paint-777289_1280

  • Most of the time kids will take all their anger out on the piece of paper
  • When the children want to express their love for someone they would like to draw their figure and show strong bonding.
  • Colouring will help the kids learn how emotions can be controlled with the help of a canvas and colours

Improved Academic Performances

Art will not only develop the creativity of the children. It will also help them to learn the things quickly. Kids will turn the mathematics and scientific questions in the form of art and so they will remember them for a long time. Studies have shown that the kids who are good at arts often win the math and science competition.

Cognitive Development

With the artistic approach, the kids will learn to practice patterns. They will learn many new things like when they will press the colour it will provide them with a darker shade. As well as how they can merge several shades to create a new one. It will allow them to create mental plans that they can apply to their work. As well as their decision-making power will be improved.


When the kids will play with colours it will help them to focus on the patterns and colours that they would like use. It will inspire them to create many new things as well as they will share many new ideas with you. Most of the time parents are impressed with the inspirational ideas that kids have given.

Apart from that, they will learn the skills of teamwork that they can utilize in their future. They will collaborate with other kids to learn new skills.

Bottom Linemurals-1320739_1280 (1)

So as parents we should try to encourage our kids from trying many new things especially in the field of arts. In case that you are scared that your kids will ruin the walls, which I can safely say my house can be like a rainbow at times with evidence of little hand-prints on the wall of who are the culprits, get them a board but never stop their creative thoughts. As you never know that those doodles are a way to improve their abilities to think and open the horizons for the children. It will help them to think out of the box and your kid might be the next Picasso or Einstein.

By Denise McCabe

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Email: denisekidsstories@gmail.com


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