The Romance of Horror

Webster defines horror as “painful and intense fear, dread, or dismay.” The allure of horror to the human psyche is more romantic than Webster’s dreadful definition. Horror is a familiar emotion that seems to have a key into the darkest corners of our minds, the base level of our souls, and our most dormant and secret beliefs. We are addicted to the adrenaline rush that horror pumps through our veins. Horror is a lover with the power to make our heart race or stop. Horror forces us to question our existence and explore the unknown with eyes pried opened by fear.estelle

Horror reminds us that our imagination is more awake than we are. Horror lives in the shadows of our psyche, thriving off our fears and passions. Horror is a double agent that can either alter or entertain our lives. Horror, like love, makes us feel alive. Horror has the power to invoke your emotions while inspiring new fears in you. Horror’s dark serenade seduces all your senses with a suspenseful trepidation of mounting fear that can either snuff or revive you. Horror manifest in many forms, but the perception of horror is universal. Horror’s masterpiece is to seize a group of people while still invoking individual fears. Horror lives because of mankind. Or is that mankind lives because of horror?


estella prEstela Vazquez Perez is an independent novelist who was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her talent is developing stories that span different genres and are infused with multiple sub-plots. She is an aspiring filmmaker, art lover, avid reader, traveller, and a lover of knowledge. She lives in San Francisco with her two beautiful children. You can discover more about Estela

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