Horoscopes December 2018, by Barbara Astrosis

AqAquarius: January 20 – February 18

Auspicious energies surround you now, especially in the latter part of the month. Good for investigative work of any kind, research etc. A lot of you might find yourselves exploring areas you never would have been interested in before. Something you’ve been secretly hoping for will be granted in December. It could be something you’ve been waiting for for a long time. This will bring a new sense of harmony to your life. Don’t make any serious decisions until after the 12th  Your feelings of optimism might lead you to saying yes to something you’ll later regret. Or, you might be feeling extra generous and spend more than you can afford. At least wait until you’ve had your windfall before splashing out! The Mars Neptune conjunct can make you do silly things. Jupiter and Mercury are now in your money-making house. But Mars can indicate hidden expenses you’ve not reckoned with. The sun enters Capricorn on the 21st. Solstice—this is a spiritual time of the year. You’ll also be getting ready for your birthday cycle. You should have a lot more clarification with things running more smoothly after a few couple of difficult years. Yes, you’ve had your highlights too. But you’ve also had a lot of eye-opening moments when you’ve had to look deep within and face certain truths about yourself and others. If you’ve done the work, you’ll reap the rewards now as the energy shifts. What do you need to finish? Full moon in Cancer on the 22nd. Leo total lunar eclipse in January. All at 0 deg. Like a reset. Choices we make in 2019 are incredibly significant for the next 20 years. December is a wonderful time for you to solve any pressing problems. Don’t dwell on disappointments of the past. Move on and enjoy the Christmas season and the magical time between Christmas and the New Year. This is where you sow your seeds.


PiscPisces: February 19 – March 20

You are very susceptible for moods and love having everything just right. Christmas and the month leading up to it is particularly important for you. You’ll be feeling sentimental. Every time you hear your favourite song, you’ll be taking a trip down memory lane and remembering all your loved ones, past and present. Apropos presents: The best gift you can give yourself this month is a day of self-pampering. Turn off social media. Organise a spa day, even if it’s a home spa day with candles, a bubble bath, your favourite music, a pedicure or manicure. Perhaps you could snuggle up on the couch with a feel-good book. When you take care of yourself first, you’ll be more present for others. There’s a lot of healing going on in your life at this time. You might meet someone who shares their healing gifts with you.

You’ll be back on track by mid-December after a period of back and forth, revisiting and sorting out things from the past. Jupiter is moving into your 10th house of opportunity and careers. But then it went retrograde in the 9th, in your travel or education house. You might need to learn something new, get your marketing up, reevaluation. Brainstorming until the 12th when Mercury moves forward again in the 10th house of careers. Now you’re more clear-headed about what you want. Joining the sun in Sag. After a lot of backtracking, the focus is on growth, success, launching the business and having it grow throughout 2019. By mid December oyu’ll be feeling very optimistic about carerr/business growth. Uranus, liberation, consciousness raising but tis been in a difficult place with Neptune. Pisces is good for Neptune. A lot of anxiety provoking events, unsettleness in the world, political turmoil, especially the last two years. With Neptune in Pisces, you lose your way. This bad aspect is now subsiding, we can trust where the future is going.


arieAries: March 21 – April 19

Life doesn’t have to be a battle. Just relax and know that everything will work out well. If the past few years have been difficult, pat yourself on the back. You’ve survived. Be proud and let go of any negative emotions you’ve been holding onto. Think outside of the box. Do things differently this year as you prepare for the New Year ahead.

It’s a mystical and magical month. You’ll be feeling super psychic so pay attention to your hunches and dreams.  Venus moving into Scorpio. Where do you want to create abundance in your life? The sun will be squaring Mars and Neptune at the beginning of the month. Wait until after 7thwhen mercury turns direct. Things will be easier then. Something that has been causing you worry, an addiction perhaps, financial woes or a secret affair will be on your mind. You can’t seem to find a way out or make a decision. Soon you’ll find clarity though an unusual means, perhaps through your dreams or a strange coincidence. New moon complex and fab. Be careful. Don’t let the exuberance you’ll be feeling later in the month cause you to say something you’ll regret. Venus trine Neptune will cause you to feel romantic and sentimental. Perhaps you’ll revisit your relationships now and see things from a different perspective. Maybe you’ll have more empathy for your partner. How do you wish to carry on with this? It’s never too late for a new start. Perhaps it’s time for some deep talks.  Sun enters Capricorn on 21st. Business on your mind. Possible thoughts of stretching your wings, going abroad. New study area. Mars trine North node. Karmic stuff regarding family coming up near the end of the month.


tauTaurus: April 20 – May 20

Venus shifting signs. Karmic stuff going on. What’s real? What makes you feel safe? You’re learning to compromise. You realise how important it is for you to have peace and harmony in your relationships. Commit to love but you need a certain amount of freedom and help you make the positive changes you need. It’s good for you to challenge yourself and take some new paths. By mid-December you’ll be much clearer about what you want. You’re realising what you need to change; you don’t like anyone interfering in your business. And you are known to dig your heels in. But now, you’ve been meeting a whole new group of people and are beginning to open your mind a bit more and let some new ideas in. You might decide to go in a totally different direction. A shift in the people you mix with this past year. On the 21st, the sun goes into Capricorn. You’ll be feeling quite positive. It’s really a month of introspection. Uranus retrograde in Aries, will be coming back to Taurus. You’re busy hatching plans and going within to figure out what you really want to do next in other to fulfil your soul contract.

You could have a surprise heart-to-heart talk with a loved one to clear up some issues that were causing your confusion. Be careful of your expenditures during December as you may be tempted to go overboard with spending. .When Mars escapes from the clutches of Neptune, you’ll be feeling much more determined and you could even feel a sense of excitement as you are hit with a brilliant idea which is connected with your work or self-employment. Go for it! Taurus folk typically like routine and security. But now you are being nudged to try something different. It will be good!


gemGemini: May 21 – June 20

Ruler Mercury moves direct on the 7th, making everything flow better. On the 3rd, Venus joins Mercury, your ruler. Typically, as the end of the year approaches, you’ll be thinking about what the next year will bring. Your focus will be on doing more for your body and making some positive changes, whether it be sport, change of diet, even introducing meditation or some form of relaxation into your life. A Gemini’s mind is always busy and anything that can help to turn off those busy thoughts will be beneficial to you. Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation or even walking in nature or cycling are all good. It’s not about being the best or being the quickest, but more about going within. With this auspicious conjunction, you’ll be feeling romantic and sentimental. It heralds new beginnings in your relationships and in business. You’ll be more introspective as you think about your own reaction to people. People are always a mirror of your own behaviour. You’re being given a new opportunity to learn something about your reactions to others.


canCancer: June 21 – July 22

Venus, although still in shadow, is going direct. Fix or transform current relationships. Opening up to seeing what you need to change within yourself to make your relationships more passionate etc. Perhaps there has been some friction. Right now things are shifting. Joyful awakening. Happier about romance in your relationships. Resolution on the cards for December. Mercury is going direct once more and we’ll all have more clarity as the mists clear and things begin working again. More creativity. Let things flow. New moon indicates big changes, your focus will also be on health and well-being. Interesting and unexpected new directions. May be an exaggerated change or opportunity. You’re open to it this month. By mid-December you may be settling down to a person or activity that gives your soul new pleasure. Mars sextiles Pluto, a positive aspect. You’re open to adventure. It’s all about diversification now. Trying new things, meeting new people and opening up to new areas of study or travel. Pleasure, harmony, happiness. You’ll be better at compromise and l listening to others. Full moon in your sign in December. Expect messages to come. Profound. Perhaps more vivid dreams.

Jupiter, optimistic plans for Christmas. Another aspect, Mars and Neptune escapism. New moon on the 7th strengthens your physicality. It’s all about finding balance between creating your own space and being supportive of family. You’ll particularly enjoy the season’s preparations with friends and family. Mercury going direct on 6th December. From the 17 to 24th, very positive Jupiter placement. 22nd full moon in your sign. Sun moves to your relationship house. It’s all about give and take. You also have a Saturn/Pluto aspect, but Venus forms a positive aspect near Christmas. On Christmas day the moon will add a sensual aspect, gifting you with harmonious feelings and joy with family. Cooperation and collaboration. You’ll have dynamic and adventurous plans for 2019.


leLeo: July 23 – August 22

Number 4 plays a big role this month, gathering all the threads, things are going to change, karmically and energetically. Something you couldn’t put your finger on before. A whole new destination, makes you feel really optimistic. So much connected to your future planning. Will make you reenergised and full of life. People will be able to feel the difference in you. A whole new balance in your life. Your energy levels will be improved too. You’ll be able to achieve so much more now. Venus changes sign on the 3rd, moving into your 4th house, joining Mercury which is retrograde till the 7th. Don’t sign any contracts until after the 7th, when Mercury goes direct again. There will be a positive aspect on your home, family and loved ones. Anything to do with children will play a positive role in your life now. If you don’t have children, you may be remembering happy childhood times. Let you playful side out. If you’ve been worried about your own children, or grandchildren, you can be assured that things will move forward in a positive way now. Have faith. Beautify your home in some way. Add a bit of luxury, something leonine perhaps, like a luxurious rug or blanket. Reconciliation with close friend or family member. Easier from the 7th for travel, communication etc. Also on the 7th, new moon in your 5th house joining Jupiter and the sun. Fabulous for new business, creativity, anything fun like that, dance etc. All about your inner child, romance perhaps too. Mercury joins the party on the 13th. A good time for sharing your enthusiasm. Communicating your passion with others. Mars in your 8th house all month. Good time to put energy into psychology and mindfulness. Take time out; it’s not always about action. Renew your health and vitality now. Something you may have been worrying about for a few months will be resolved. You’ll be able to chill out and relax now. Someone will have good news for you too. You’ll be feeling very harmonious and happy on the 25th December, especially if you’ve follow this advice and taken some time off beforehand. You’ll be surrounded by people who have a wonderful impact on your life. Lucky number 8 on that date. Big adventure starting after this.


virVirgo:  August 23 – September 22

Last month Mercury went into Sag. Your thoughts had been more focused on home, family and real estate. Then it went retrograde. This time of year is one where we focused on home and family matters. Mercury always travels close to the sun. Not so unusual to have your focus on that home and family in December, but with Jupiter added, it will bring expansion. First time in 12 years. Great for making money in real estate. Great for getting more support and generosity from family. Mercury goes direct on December 6th, it retrograded into 3rd house, sales, travel, communications. It will return into the 4th house of home and real estate on the 12th. You’ll be back, feeling optimistic and confident about home and family matters. What you set in motion in December will carry you through 2019. Uranus has been in a difficult angle to nebulous and confusing Neptune since 2017. This has been causing a lot of us confusion as a subliminal Angst as we watch reports of increased natural disasters. It has been causing us to look within, re-evaluating our lives. That’s a good thing though. With Jupiter moving into Sagittarius, we can all start getting back on track. We’ll be feeling more settled and optimistic. Mars is in Pisces once every two years. It entered in mid-November and is there throughout December. Mars in Pisces is the exact opposite to the sun in Virgo. It causes a lot of tension and competitiveness. Mars, when alone, can be too anxious, too irritable, but it’s in harmony when together with Venus. Venus will soften the fiery Mars energy. Regarding your health, you’ll be having a lot of energy you can channel it in more constructive ways than you have in the past. Venus forms a positive aspect to Mars and will ensure more harmony in relationships. You could meet someone while you’re travelling. Or you might meet your new neighbour and strike up a friendship. It’s a successful time for careers, possibly a rise or a promotion is in the cards. If you’re not feeling appreciated at work, do look around for something better. It’s a good time for anything to do with real estate. You could be thinking of moving, investing in a new home or selling a property. In matters of finance, Saturn is in Capricorn, an earth sign in harmony with Virgo. No more blocks and delays, but do use caution when it comes to risk-taking and investing. Know your limits.

Chiron’s placement indicates you’ll be doing some spiritual work, which will allow you to heal your own destructive behaviours, ridding yourself of old pain. It’s an emotional detox period. You’re being mirrored now. You see why certain things happened and how your behaviour contributed to it. You’re speaking truth now with your heart on your sleeve. You discover that one of your friendships isn’t a real friendship. This new realisation shows you the truth. That then has an impact on the structures already in your life. Huge personal growth for you in December. Happy energy in your 4th house of family. Allow yourself to let your hair down and have fun.


libLibra: September 23 – October 22

Your ruling planet, Venus, moves into 2nd house of money. Bonus, gifts, bargains are coming your way. Maybe treat yourself to something special. It doesn’t have to be much. Do something that uplifts you. Good for developing one of your talents. Mercury goes direct on the 7th in the 2nd house of money. Try to avoid signing any important contracts until the 7th or a couple of days afterwards. There’s a new moon on the 7th in the 3rd house. Mercury also joins the party in the 3rd house. Wonderful time for studying something new, connections, writing, reading and sharing information and inspiration. With Jupiter there, many of you are expanding your perspective. You’re beginning to realise that we’re all connected. Uranus back in 7th house of relationships until March. May be some changes in that area. Dependency, co-dependency. You need to feel free instead of feeling burdened. Could bring surprise romantic encounter for those of you who are single. On 22nd, the full moon will shine a light on your 10th house, the house of outward success and profession. On the 22nd, the sun is moving into the 4th, the house of home and family. Since there’s a polarity between 4 and 10th houses, you might be feeling restless. Perhaps you’ll need some alone time to process all that’s been going on. You’ll be very aware of the passing of time this season, the impermanence of all things and the connection of the timelines as you think of loved ones who’ve passed on and are missing from the table. And so in turn, you’ll look to your loved ones and realise that you, too, will one day be a memory. Make the most of these wonderful experiences and enjoy the gifts at hand.

scoScorpio:  October 23 – November 21

You’ve been preparing for what’s coming up for a long time, going within, contemplating, and not rushing things because the time wasn’t right. Great news. Venus is going direct in your sign. It’s urging you to be kind to yourself. Positive effect on money and abundance. Mercury, the planet of communication is also going direct in your sign. Your relationships may have been unclear of late, but now you’ll be feeling much better and your mojo is coming back. You’ll be ready for action. New moon in Sagittarius. All about your security, money, pleasures. Mars in your pleasure zone facilitates a new start for you. Heady lust and passion lurking around you. You are not yet sure what that’s about. Mercury shifting signs going into Sagittarius on the 12th. You want people who are solid and grounded. Venus sextile Saturn on the 16th, there’ll be an important decision to make about love and what you want. Pleasant transformation. Much more positive month. You’ll be feeling determined to succeed.

An abundance of inspiration on the 21st. Merc conjunct Jupiter. Very positive communications. Seal a deal, secure success. Full moon adventures, feeling frisky. You want to hang out with people who are into different things. You might hear from someone via text or email. Someone wants to reveal their feelings toward you. You are now on track and it feels so good. Even if you’re not one hundred percent sure of the next step, make your decision and go for it.


sagSagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Something’s going to happen this month that hasn’t happened for 12 years. You might start the month feeling sluggish. The Mercury retrograde could be partly to blame, but the good news is that it will be moving forward again on the 7thth and re-entering your sign on the 12th. Venus moving into Scorpio might make you sentimental about past loves etc. If you’re not sure you’re in the right relationship, it might be due to Neptune’s influence. You might have been going through a lot of changes concerning security, relationships, living space etc. since 2012. During the first half of the month, you won’t know whether you’re coming or going. Everything seems confusing. There’s a new moon on the 7th in your sign. This, coupled with mercury going direct, will clear your head and give you more insight. In fact, pay attention to your hunches and dreams. You’ll be tapping into the Zone, feeling and sensing things that you know are true but you can’t put your finger on how you know. It’s an expensive time of year for everyone. If money is a bit tight, try to focus more on the spiritual and philosophical side of the season. On Christmas day, a change of scene might be good for you, even if you only manage to get out for a long walk in nature, it will do you good, give you some space. Enjoy the season and enjoy your birthday. You have a lot to look forward to in the coming year.


capCapricorn: December 22 – January 19

Exciting month ahead for you. Venus coming into 11th house on the 3rd. As with most signs, try not to sign any contracts in the first half of the month. Venus in the 11th house offers an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your social contacts and perhaps release some old connections. Don’t close the door completely. Rather, look at the kinds of people you’d like to meet. What kind of community of people would you like to share your social life with? Mercury on the 13th in the 12th house. Important to release the past, any traumas, upsets, betrayals. Let the emotions go. In order to let them go, you’ll have to go back and visit them again. This is called completion. You’ll be healing the past. You can decide whether you want to hang on to something, or let it go. What happened in the past does not define you. It’s a most auspicious time for writing, photography, film and music. Also for creating rituals for your new life, whether that be through visualisation, writing, making a vision board or something else. It’s all about setting intentions. Mars in the 3rd house is really good for communication, short trips, signing up for a new course etc. Also for sharing information and inspiring others. Full moon on the 22nd in your relationship house. Polarity between you and your relationships. You might have a new relationship or something might change in your existing relationship. Find the things you love about yourself. Pamper yourself. This will transform your relationships in a positive way. Capricorn likes to feel secure, and the past couple of years you have been feelings unsure, like a lot of signs, doing a lot of soul searching. You’ll see when you go into 2019 how much you have changed because of that soul-searching and uncertainty. We are all feeling the effects of the political turmoil and weather changes, extreme heat, solar flares, hurricanes. It’s been a hard but necessary awakening. You’ll feel more secure in 2019. You might get much more involved in spiritual matters, perhaps you’ll feel inclined to do something like charity work. Pace yourself and don’t overdo it. The sun goes into Capricorn on December 22. Now you’ll be feeling more energetic. Venus and Mars forming a positive aspect in your chart nudges you to be more passionate and sociable. Perhaps a new romance



Credit to Pixabay for Zodiac symbols.


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