Megalopolis Manila – Getting Around

Megalopolis Manila – Getting Around

by Grant Leishman

Metro Manila, the Capital of The Philippines is a sprawling metropolis that covers an area of approximately 250 square miles. Into that area are crammed a contentious number of people. The 2015 census would tell us that 12.8 million people live in the Metro, but to listen to media reports and other sources, numbers of 20 million people are often quoted. Whichever is right probably doesn’t matter, either way, it’s an awful lot of people crammed into such a tiny area. I’ve heard Metro Manila called the most populous city in Asia and I wouldn’t bet against it. Wherever you turn there are people.

Metro Manila is actually a conglomeration of sixteen separate cities and one municipality, that form the Metro, or as it is often called, The National Capital Region (NCR). The largest of these cities by population and by area is Quezon City at just over 62 square miles, with a population of almost 3 million. The smallest of the cities is San Juan at just less than 2.3 square miles and a population of only 121,000 people. The other 14 cities sit in between with the Capital, Manila itself being at just on 15 square miles, with a population of around 1.7 million people. To give you some perspective on that, Auckland City, with a population of just on 1.4 million people covers an area of 187 square miles. Whatever way you look at it, there’s one hell of a lot of people living in a very small area in Metro Manila. Of course that makes it an awful lot of fun just getting around the city.

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