How to Learn a New Language

Aran Jones interviewed by Millie Slavidou

Together with Iestyn ap Dafydd, Aran Jones is the founder of the language learning website This initially started out as Say Something in Welsh, but has gradually expanded to include Spanish, Dutch, Cornish, Manx and Latin.

Aran Jones had a varied childhood, in that he lived in anumber of different countries; England, Germany, Portugal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, and continued this lifestyle into adulthood by living in Zimbabwe and Dubai before returning to the UK and settling in Wales, his ancestral homeland. Hearing other languages was therefore a norm for him, although he did not speak any other than English. However, his grandfather had been a Welsh speaker, and so he set about learning Welsh as a second language only as an adult, using the Wlpan course.

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3 thoughts on “How to Learn a New Language

  1. grantleishman says:

    I used to think I was quite good at languages at school but I am truly in awe of most Europeans (especially) who have the ability to assimilate and learn new languages seemingly at ease. I have lived in the Philippines for eight years now and am still unable to speak Filipino (to my eternal shame). Great article.


  2. BooksBy JJ.Hughes says:

    We English can be terribly arrogant when we just expect everyone to speak our language without making any effort to learn theirs.


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