Facing Your Fears

by Christine Ardigo MSRD

I always had a fear of heights and falling. Not sureif it’s that stomach-dropping feeling, not being in control, fearing pain, death? I remember hating when someone threw me in the air, tossed me overhead into the ocean, or pretended to drop me from a high altitude. (Okay it was only a few feet but still). I hate roller coasters. I can do most of the slides at the water parks, but spinning things? Freefalls? Upside down rides? Ah, no.

My husband left me a note the other day that I hada surprise present waiting for me on Sunday forour anniversary. Reservations were made and were nonrefundable. P.S. It would be the best five minutes of my life.

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4 thoughts on “Facing Your Fears

  1. grantleishman says:

    Fears can be so crippling and deprive you of so much fun. I know my fear of heights has stopped me from doing things I’ve always dreamed of doing. God, even pictures of people on high buildings looking down, turns my knees to jelly. Great article.


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