Dr Who, Tony Whitt Interviewed by T E Hodden

A must for all Dr Who fans, Tony Whitt interviewed by T E Hodden

Like many fans of a certain age, my first experience with many Doctor Who stories was not watching the TV screen from behind the sofa, but reading them under the blankets by torchlight. Novelisations published by Target Books, were pocket-money affordable treats, covering a vast back catalogue of adventures across time and space.

Two classic adventures, Revelation of the Daleks, and Resurrection of the Daleks, both stories of the 1980s, scripted by Eric Saward, didn’t make it into he range, due to legal issues, but will finally grace the printed page later this year.

To celebrate the landmark, and discuss the cult appeal of the novelisations, I reached out to Tony Whitt, of the Doctor Who Target Book Club Podcast. Tony, with a loyal band of brave friends, has undertaken the daunting task of reading, and reviewing every novelisation in broadcast order (which is to say, he’s reading the stories as they were shown on TV, rather than as they were published).

Read the full interview in our magazine


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