I Love Research

I Love Research by Cherime MacFarlane

I love collecting the odd fact. Even better is the awesome moment when something jells that you didn’t even suspect. Here we come to the Eilan Water Trilogy. And it all starts in an odd place, my last visit to Scotland.

While there I picked up several books. I’ve read two by Alistair Moffat and saw one titled The Scots, A genetic Journey by Moffatt and James F. Wilson.

I had to have it. So the little book with the big title shared space with lots of small bottles of scotch and a bunch of canned kippers for the ride home.

As soon as I reached Alaska, up to the loft it went to be read in the evening. I devoured that one. While in the middle of amazing facts including the mystery of the Picts solved. It seems they didn’t vanish to anywhere. They stayed where they were and intermarried with the Scotti and whoever wandered into what would be Scotland.

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3 thoughts on “I Love Research

  1. grantleishman says:

    Oh, I absolutely love researching also. Back in the day, people always asked me how come I was so good a trivial pursuit – the answer is simple – I read a lot and I research a lot. A great article – really appreciated it.

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