The Real Captain Jack

The Real Captain Jack by T E Hodden

It’s the year 1622, and we are stood in a palace in Tunis, an opulent home draped in the trappings of extreme wealth, and just over there, in that bedroom, a legend is about to die. I wouldn’t get too close, mind you. We aren’t sure of the exact circumstances of the swarthy, balding, Englishman’s death, but the smart money is on plague.

He may not look like much from here, he’s shorter, and sturdier than you probably imagined, but this is a very rare sight indeed. A pirate who has lived long enough to retire and enjoy his riches. Depending who you ask, the man about to breathe his last, is John Ward, Jack Ward, Yusuf Rais, or Captain Jack Birdie, and for the last ten years he has been England’s most hated pirate.

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