Food Journals: Your Ticket to Success by Christine Ardigo

Food Journals are a fantastic way to help with your weight loss, and also as a teaching tool. It can be a REAL eye opener if done correctly. Diet is key, and if you’re not really sure how much food you’re tak- ing in, it can blow your chances of losing any weight.

How a Food Journal Works. Grab anything you can write on: a spiral notebook, a marble notebook, a small notepad, and jot down everything you eat and drink during the day. And, I mean EVERYTHING. You can even use the hundreds of phone Aps out there that track your calories. It’s a great way to keep track of what you’ve done over the course of your busy, crazy, forgetful kind of a day. There’s scien- tific evidence that people that keep food journals lose more weight than those that don’t. Sometimes TWICE as much. Mainly because it increases your awareness and your accountability for your actions.

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