Best Educational Apps for Kids

Best Educational Apps for Kids

Educational apps can be a great way to supplement your child’s learning and keep them engaged with fun and interactive content. Here are some of the best educational apps for kids, covering a range of subjects and age groups.

1. Khan Academy Kids

Ages: 2-7
Description: This app offers a wide range of activities to help young children learn early literacy, language, math, and social-emotional skills.
Features: Interactive activities, educational games, and personalized learning paths.
Link: Khan Academy Kids


Ages: 2-8
Description: offers a comprehensive early learning program for preschool through 2nd grade, covering reading, math, science, and art.
Features: More than 10,000 learning activities, progress tracking, and rewards system.

3. Duolingo

Ages: 4+
Description: Duolingo is a popular language-learning app that offers lessons in various languages through interactive and gamified exercises.
Features: Fun and engaging language lessons, streaks, and rewards.
Link: Duolingo

4. PBS Kids Games

Ages: 2-8
Description: PBS Kids Games features educational games and activities based on popular PBS Kids shows.
Features: Games that teach math, reading, science, and social skills, featuring beloved characters.
Link: PBS Kids Games

5. Toca Boca

Ages: 3-9
Description: Toca Boca offers a series of apps that encourage open-ended play and creativity. Each app focuses on different themes, like cooking, hairdressing, and world-building.
Features: Creative and imaginative play, no in-app purchases or third-party advertising.
Link: Toca Boca

6. BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

Ages: 5-9
Description: BrainPOP Jr. offers animated educational videos on a variety of subjects, including science, social studies, reading, writing, math, health, and arts.
Features: Quizzes, games, and activities to reinforce learning.
Link: BrainPOP Jr.

7. Prodigy Math Game

Ages: 6-14
Description: Prodigy is a math game that combines fantasy role-playing with curriculum-aligned math challenges.
Features: Adaptive learning, real-time feedback, and fun gameplay that engages kids in learning math.
Link: Prodigy Math Game

8. Epic!

Ages: 2-12
Description: Epic! is an extensive digital library for kids, offering over 40,000 high-quality books, audiobooks, and educational videos.
Features: Personalized recommendations, reading logs, and quizzes.
Link: Epic!

9. Starfall

Ages: 2-8
Description: Starfall offers interactive games and activities focused on early literacy, math, and phonics.
Features: Engaging and educational content, free and subscription-based access.
Link: Starfall

10. ScratchJr

Ages: 5-7
Description: ScratchJr is an introductory programming app that allows young children to create their own interactive stories and games.
Features: Easy-to-use interface, creativity and problem-solving skills development.
Link: ScratchJr

11. Sago Mini World

Ages: 2-5
Description: Sago Mini World offers a collection of games that promote creativity and exploration through imaginative play.
Features: Fun characters, engaging scenarios, and no in-app purchases or third-party advertising.
Link: Sago Mini World

12. Endless Alphabet

Ages: 2-6
Description: Endless Alphabet is an app designed to teach kids the alphabet and build vocabulary through interactive puzzles and animations.
Features: Fun animations, phonics, and vocabulary building.
Link: Endless Alphabet

13. Montessori Preschool

Ages: 3-7
Description: Montessori Preschool offers a complete preschool curriculum based on the Montessori method, covering phonics, math, arts, and practical life skills.
Features: Interactive activities, child-led learning, and a comprehensive curriculum.
Link: Montessori Preschool

14. Osmo

Ages: 3-12
Description: Osmo combines physical play with digital engagement through various interactive games and activities. Requires an Osmo kit with a base and reflector for your tablet.
Features: Hands-on learning, various subject areas, and engaging gameplay.
Link: Osmo

15. Homer

Ages: 2-8
Description: Homer offers personalized early learning programs that focus on reading, math, social-emotional learning, and critical thinking.
Features: Customized learning paths, interactive lessons, and engaging stories.
Link: Homer

These educational apps provide a wide range of learning opportunities for kids, from foundational literacy and numeracy skills to creative and critical thinking abilities. By incorporating these apps into your child’s routine, you can make learning both fun and effective.

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