Superfly Part Two – Anthony Randall

Luke was with us almost from the off, a trumpet playing maestro who hardly ever missed a gig and uniquely, remained a part of the furniture until the very end. Butwhen the bearded elfin hippie first walked into the stale smoke, sweat infused rehearsal room we’d hired; we had scant idea of his calibre or indeed of his catalogue. Up until 1992 I had only ever been in original outfits, always trying to write the perfect pop song, always searching for a … Continue reading Superfly Part Two – Anthony Randall


Meeting my Soul Mate

After Kathleen and I split up I spent many a lonely weekend up at my lakefront condo. I spent many nights making sure every local watering hole showed a healthy profit! That is until I decided to do something so far out of my comfort zone that it made me shudder. What happened next turned … Continue reading Meeting my Soul Mate

Make the switch to Clean Eating!

Since exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, eating well should be part of your daily lifestyle, not experimenting with latest diet craze. Clean eating is eating by planning out your day, or even your whole week. Mindfulness, organization, and consideration will make decision making so much easier. Cooking and packing your food for the future will guarantee success. By choosing these … Continue reading Make the switch to Clean Eating!