Occidental Mindoro

by Grant Leishman I want to highlight a Philippine island that for many people may well be considered; “off the map” - the island of Mindoro, and more specifically the western side of the island, Occidental Mindoro. Mindoro, a large, tear-drop shaped island is the seventh largest Island of the Philippines, at roughly 10,600 square … Continue reading Occidental Mindoro

Facing Your Fears

by Christine Ardigo MSRD I always had a fear of heights and falling. Not sureif it’s that stomach-dropping feeling, not being in control, fearing pain, death? I remember hating when someone threw me in the air, tossed me overhead into the ocean, or pretended to drop me from a high altitude. (Okay it was only … Continue reading Facing Your Fears

The Queen Of Disguise

by Hannah Howe Known as the ‘Queen of Disguise’, Annette Kerner was a leading detective in the 1940s. Born into a wealthy family, Annette trained as a mezzo-soprano with Ivor Novello’s mother, Clara, before opening the Mayfair Detective Agency in the 1920s. Annette’s parents opposed her singing career so, aged seventeen, Annette secretly negotiated a … Continue reading The Queen Of Disguise