Alexander Williams

Alexander WilliamsAlexander Williams grew up in rural Norfolk where he spent his childhood exploring old farmhouses and abandoned churches. He remembers nothing of his time in boarding school as he spent all his time in the library with his nose in a book. He was homeless between the age of seventeen and twenty-five and kept busy during the day by volunteering in an Oxfam bookstore, by night he worked on his first novel Eternal Youth sitting in a twenty-four MacDonalds with a notebook and pen. He is now a grown man who shares a small cottage with a black and white cat named Woobie and stays up every night writing by candlelight. He is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.

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Eternal Youth by Alexander Williams

Eternal Youth – Horror

“Placing a mixture of characters into an action packed, suspenseful and well-described novel where the character’s individual plots mingle to create a dynamic and compelling story with a highly satisfactory ending.”