Aliya Smyth

Aliya SmythAliya Smyth lives on the Canadian prairies, a land so flat you can see your dog run away for six days. When she’s not daydreaming about visiting countries with visible topography, she writes speculative historical fiction and fantasy. She is a huge fan of all things fairy tale, topsy-turvy history, gritty literary, and anything that fires up her imagination.

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Blood and Circuses by Aliya Smyth

Blood and Circuses series

Blood and Circuses (book 1) – Fantasy, Historical, Roman

“Not since I Claudius have I read a more accurate and entertaining depiction of Roman life.”

A is for Adverb by Aliya Smyth

Standalone Books

A is for Adverb: An Alphabet for Authors in Agony – Nonfiction, Writing/Publishing

“From Adverbs to Zombies (yes, they play a role in writing), you’ll find whimsical insight into the world of the would-be writer—both the joys and struggles.”