Anna Rashbrook

Anna RashbrookAnna Rashbrook was born in Winchester (UK). She grew up with dogs and a passion for horses which was fulfilled when her family moved to the countryside and she had her first pony. After school, she spent a year in Switzerland, then came, home met Dave in Marwell zoo, settled and raised a family. She later took a degree with the Open University, graduating with a First Class honours in English and History. Anna worked for five years at the Fortune Centre in Hampshire as a Riding Therapist. Married for 36 years, she has two adult children who wouldn’t move to Austria when she moved there in 2007. Maybe a victim of watching too many editions of A place in the Sun and Grand Designs, she loves Austria and has no plans to leave! She now teaches English and is concentrating on her writing novels.

Anna rejected faith until her own family went through the trauma of an eviction and homelessness in the 1980s. It was through these events that she found God again. Since then she’s been involved in Baptist, Anglican and Free churches, she’s now in the Anglican Church in Austria. However, she says she is just a Christian who happened to be in these churches and wouldn’t wish to be labelled!

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Challenger by Anna Rashbrook  Compromise: Horses Heal Souls by Anna Rashbrook

Hazeley series

Challenger: Horses reflect our souls  (book 1) – Animal Fiction, Horses

“Strong character interaction, tangled emotions and sad moments make this a gripping read.”

Compromise: Horses Heal Souls (book 2) – Animal Fiction, Horses

“As deeply buried emotions and hurt begin to surface, Mollie has to make sense of her past and Chris has to come to terms with his deeply buried sexuality.”

Ducks by Anna Rashbrook  Pigs by Anna Rashbrook  Sheep by Anna Rashbrook  Ponies by Anna Rashbrook  Christmas Sleighbells by Anna Rashbrook

Standalone Short Stories

Ducks!Animal Fiction, Short Story

“This story really made me smile. A well written, very enjoyable read.”

Pigs!Animal Fiction, Short Story

“When Judy returns from working in France, great changes have taken place on the farm, but where is Liz?”

Sheep!Animal Fiction, Short Story

“Left alone on the farm to cope with a sick baby, what will Jenny do when there is an emergency?”

Ponies!Animal Fiction, Short Story

“What would you do if you heard on the radio that your ponies have been sold without your permission?”

Christmas Sleighbells Animal Fiction, Short Story

“A snowy Christmas in Austria! Ann must take a group of kids for a ride to the castle rather than enjoy her Christmas day. What could possibly go wrong?”