C N Lesley

C N LesleyC N Lesley is the pen name for Elizabeth Hull. She lives in Alberta with her husband and cats. Her three daughters live close by. When she isn’t writing, Elizabeth likes to read and to paint watercolors. She is also a keen gardener, despite the very short summers and now has a mature shade garden. Once a worker in the communications sector, mostly concentrating on local news and events, she now writes full time.

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Shadow Over Avalon by C N Lesley  Sword of Shadows by C N Lesley  Chalice of Shadows by C N Lesley  Staff of Shadows by C N Lesley

Shadows series

Shadow Over Avalon (book 1) – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Arthurian

“This is probably the most unique King Arthur story I’ve ever read.”

Sword of Shadows (book 2) – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Arthurian

“I can’t stress enough how much I admire C.N. Lesley’s imagination and how real the futuristic planet feels in this novel.”

Chalice of Shadows (book 3) – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Arthurian

“A fantastic tale by a wonderful storyteller.”

Staff of Shadows (book 4) – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Arthurian

“Great characters that fit the story and enough action and magic to bring together a great plot, so to make this a compelling read.”

Dreaming of Darkspires by C N Lesley  Darkspire Reaches by C N Lesley  Serpent of the Shangrove by C N Lesley

Darkspires series

Dreaming of Darkspires (prequel) – Fantasy, Paranormal, Short Story

“It’s a quick, fresh read for anyone who enjoys metaphysical, medieval, and witch-related tales.”

Darkspire Reaches (book 1) – Fantasy, Paranormal

“C.N. Lesley is a gifted storyteller who weaves an enchanting fantasy world that has its beginning shrouded in mystery.”

Serpent of the Shangrove (book 2) – Fantasy, Paranormal

“I’ve got to say, hats off to any author of fantasy and magic, and double hats off to this author.”

Graylings Deep by C N Lesley

Standalone Novel

Graylings Deep – Science Fiction

“When a colony on a distant planet fails, it is open to plunder by invaders. What happens when the consciousness of the world decides to wake the leader of the original inhabitants?”