Ceri Bladen

Ceri Bladen is a Welsh girl currently living in Turkey.

In between looking after a husband, three children, street dogs, and a kindle of street cats she manages to squeeze in time to write.

She loves romance, so most of her books contain elements of it, whether in the form of historical, contemporary, or fantasy.

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Persona by Ceri Bladen

The Professional series

Persona (book 1) – Romance, Cozy, Suspense

“I really and truly thought Persona was ‘just another love/romance story.’ I was wrong, so very wrong. From the very beginning there is a sense of mystery and intrigue that drew me in.”

Copper by Ceri Bladen  Copper to Red by Ceri Bladen

The Dillwyns’ Stories series

Copper (book 1) – Romance, Historical, 20th Century

“I enjoyed this book from the first page. A love story from both sides.”

Copper to Red (book 2) – Romance, Historical, 20th Century

“f you’re looking for a charming romance to sink your teeth into, this is one I’d recommend.”

Odin’s sons: Twe12ve: Twelve keys, one secret by Ceri Bladen

Ragnarok series

Odin’s sons: Twe12ve: Twelve keys, one secret (book 1) – Romance, Historical, Viking

“I have to say the cover and the blurb are fantastic, second, so is the story. This is the first book I have read from this author and it won’t be the last.”

Vikings: Taken by Ceri Bladen  Vikings: Deception by Ceri Bladen  Vikings: Revenge by Ceri Bladen  Vikings: Intentions by Ceri Balden

The Great Heathen Army series

Vikings: Taken (book 1) – Romance, Historical, Viking

“Whichever facet of the story the writer was choosing to reveal to me, what I was mostly struck by was the realism and the period-appropriateness.”

Vikings: Deception (book 2) – Romance, Historical, Viking

“An exciting historical fiction romance. There are no boring sections or wordy pages to weed through. It is a well-written and captivating read.”

Vikings: Revenge (book 3) – Romance, Historical, Viking

“Another great read. Read all 3 of Viking books and couldn’t put them down.”

Vikings: Intentions (book 4) – Romance, Historical, Viking

“The author really captures the brutality of the Vikings and the conquests.”

Highlander: Secrets by Ceri Bladen

The Scottish series

Highlander: Secrets (book 1) – Romance, Historical, Highlands

“A dangerous family feud between the Highland clans of the MacMahons and the MacAlpins, threatens the life and moral safety of highborn Aileana MacAlpin when her uncaring brothers use her as bait in a raid.”

Isca: The Roman Fortress by Ceri Bladen

Standalone Novel

Isca: The Roman Fortress – Romance, Historical, Medieval, Celtic

“It wasn’t just a normal romance. It was a journey into ancient Britain laced with the power of Rome as the added ingredient.”