Cherime MacFarlane

Cherime MacFarlaneCherime MacFarlane is an award-winning, bestselling, prolific multi-genre author. She has a broad range of interests that reflect her been there-done that life.

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Then There Were Six by Cherime MacFarlane  Proceed With Caution by Cherime MacFarlane  Death Wish by Cherime MacFarlane  Gray Matters by Cherime MacFarlane  Diedre of the Sorrows by Cherime MacFarlane

Standalone Novels – Romance

Then There Were Six – Romance

“If you like romance mixed with realistic issues that deal with divorce, new relationships, and reconstructed families, I think you will enjoy reading this book.”

Proceed With Caution – Romance

“What a sweet and beautiful story. I cried, I got angry and I laughed out loud!!”

Death Wish – Romance

“The story was not only sexy but it was heartfelt. You can really feel the character’s struggles and can relate to their problems.”

Gray Matters – Romance

“Gray Matters is a complex romance about how the magic of finding love is always present.”

Diedre of the Sorrows – Romance

“This book totally captured my heart… An insightful informative look into the world of sexual dysfunction some families are faced with.”

 Aurora’s Song by Cherime MacFarlane  Encounter by Cherime MacFarlane  Nightwind’s Shadow by Cherime MacFarlane  Solitary Hunter: A Shifter Novella by Cherime MacFarlane

Standalone Novels – Paranormal/Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance

Aurora’s Song – Romance, Paranormal

“… this novel … educates the reader and tells a very interesting story of different tribes, migration, and their traditions.”

Encounter – Romance, Paranormal

“Romance, mystery and love for country is why I keep returning to read Cherime MacFarlane’s work.”

Nightwind’s Shadow – Romance, Science Fiction

“The chemistry between them is raw and intoxicating, just like the world they inhabit.”

Solitary Hunter: A Shifter Novella – Romance, Fantasy, Native American, Novella

“At times humorous, action-packed, and dramatic, but always original.”

Brain Waves by Cherime MacFarlane  Bones of Others by Cherime MacFarlane

Brain Waves series

Brain Waves (book 1) – Romance, Science Fiction

“A unique and beautiful love story between two different species, that’s set on a desert-like planet.”

Bones of Others (book 2) – Romance, Science Fiction

“Cat and Codee were awesome characters, and I loved their depth and vulnerabilities.”

Behind the Raven Mask by Cherime MacFarlane  Daughter of the Raven by Cherime MacFarlane

The Bressoffs of Alaska series

Behind the Raven Mask (book 1) – Romance, Historical

“…a beautiful love story of two people, who were not meant to be together as it seemed at first, but yet fall in love and eventually help each other heal old wounds.”

Daughter of the Raven (book 2) – Romance, Historical

“This story has elements of adventure, danger, excitement, suspense, and romance.”

Missing Alaska: A Chandler County Novel by Cherime MacFarlane  Missing and Presumed Dead: A Chandler County Novel by Cherime MacFarlane

Chandler County novels

Missing Alaska: A Chandler County Novel (book 1) – Romance

“Cherime MacFarlane spins a sweet Chandler County romance of two young people starting out with their lives and finding each other.”

Missing and Presumed Dead: A Chandler County Novel (book 2) – Romance

“Seriously this is a great flippin book.”

Snagged by Cherime MacFarlane  Stalking Red by Cherime MacFarlane  Heart Of The Hunter by Cherime MacFarlane  Cougar Hunt by Cherime MacFarlane  Baubles and Beads by Cherime MacFarlane  Grass and Blue Skies by Cherime MacFarlane  Chaos and Crab Pots by Cherime MacFarlane

Copper River Romance series

Snagged (book 1) – Romance

“…vivid descriptions of the frigidity of the setting … were realistic enough for me to curl up with a huge warm comforter!”

Stalking Red (book 2) – Romance

“Great steamy romance tinged with a hint of Northern Exposure-style quirkiness.”

Heart Of The Hunter (book 3) – Romance

“The romance was sweetly hot, nothing to offend in the minus zero rocking truck incident, I found that a fun read.”

Cougar Hunt (book 4) – Romance

“Cougar Hunt takes the reader on a roller coaster of an emotional journey.”

Baubles and Beads (book 5) – Romance

“The novel has its unique charm with use of local slang and the creation of very memorable and original characters.”

Grass and Blue Skies (book 6) – Romance

“… the originality, the knowing that you are being trusted to an interview of a life and place different to your own … draws me back to Cherime’s work…”

Chaos and Crab Pots (book 7) – Romance

“It’s all heart (Well, not ALL heart.) and gives a romance reader the necessary feels while driving you desire to turn the page and find out what is next, because frankly, you don’t know.”

The Other Side of Dusk by Cherime MacFarlane  A Bard's Desire by Cherime MacFarlane

Eilan Water Trilogy series

The Other Side of Dusk (book 1) – Romance, Historical

“I was transported back in time to Scotland during the time of the Roman unrest.”

A Bard’s Desire (book 2) – Romance, Historical, Roman

“A tale of the twilight of the Roman Empire.”

The Cheat by Cherime MacFarlane  Homesteader Blues by Cherime MacFarlane  Poppy by Cherime MacFarlane  Road Talk by Cherime MacFarlane  A White Cat for Christmas by Cherime MacFarlane  Traffic Control by Cherime MacFarlane  Back Bay by Cherime MacFarlane  The Price of by Cherime MacFarlanehe Little Blue Pill  The Father-in-Law Effect by Cherime MacFarlane  Iceworm by Cherime MacFarlane  Homesteader Christmas Disaster by Cherime MacFarlane  Wild in Willow by Cherime MacFarlane  Dead End Beach by Cherime MacFarlane  Life and Love in Alaska Volume 1 by  Cherime MacFarlane

Life and Love in Alaska short-stories series

The Cheat (book 1) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“It has real life tragic truths and no candy coated sweetness, just truth about how it was and is.”

Homesteader Blues (book 2) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“A nice story centered around a deep love between man and wife that reminds one it is possible to live a simpler and fulfilling life.”

Poppy (book 3) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“This may be a short story but it’s crammed with emotion, as this talented author’s writing style creates a touching drama about the relationship between parents and children.”

Road Talk (book 4) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“This is a great series to jump into on a relaxing day for a easy read.”

White Cat for Christmas (book 5) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“…this foursome love story, a woman, a dog, a man, and a cat, is charming and expertly written.”

Traffic Control (book 6) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“It satisfied all my reading requirements, my thirst to learn new things, a feel good ending, an easy read.”

Back Bay (book 7) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“A discovery while gathering seaweed and limpets gives a woman food for thought.”

The Price of the Little Blue Pill (book 8) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“Growing old isn’t for wusses.”

The Father-in-Law Effect (book 9) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“His Father-in-law is making his life miserable.”

Iceworm (book 10) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“Ida is worried about her parents and their marriage.”

Homesteader Christmas Disaster (book 11) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“Sweet story of Christmas deferred.”

Wild in Willow (book 12) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“An early family Christmas celebration sets a family on edge.”

Dead End Beach (book 13) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“Fall is on its way, and the party is shaping up to be the biggest one in a long time. Alaskans will party at the drop of a hat.”

Life and Love in Alaska: Volume 1 (books 1-6) – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“Contains The Cheat, Homesteader Blues, Poppy, Road Talk, A White Cat for Christmas, and Traffic Control.”

Highland Light by Cherime MacFarlane  Bare Wires by Cherime MacFarlane  Wired for Sound by Cherime MacFarlane  North by Northeast by Cherime MacFarlane  Rhythm and Blues by Cherime MacFarlane  Family Knots by Cherime MacFarlane  The Templar’s Treasure by Cherime MacFarlane  The Twisted Laird by Cherime MacFarlane

The MacGrough Clan series

Highland Light (book 1) – Romance

“This was a wonderful story of innocents and wonder, adventure and romance.”

Bare Wires (prequel to Wired for Sound) – Romance, Novella

“Ms. MacFarlane … has a knack for bringing characters to life through her colorful use of slang and dialect.”

Wired for Sound (book 2) – Romance

“It was real and gritty and the author knew what she was talking about when it came to music, bands, and all the tour drama that goes with the lives of musicians.”

North by Northeast (book 3) – Romance

“The MacGrough Clan is a bundle of laughs even when the going gets rough.”

Rhythm and Blues (book 4) – Romance

“For me Rhythm and Blues was a bit of a trip down memory lane as I tripped across Gaelic euphemisms and once again, melted while remembering the fetching dialect.”

Family Knots (book 5) – Romance

“Her books are rich with atmosphere and well defined characters, lead and secondary.”

The Templar’s Treasure (book 6) – Romance

“Plenty of secrets exposed, some drama unfolds, and some love is created.”

The Twisted Laird (book 7) – Romance

“This was a wonderful story of innocence and wonder, adventure and romance.”

Homer Bait and Switch by Cherime MacFarlane  Valley Girl Wars by Cherime MacFarlane  Sailing Backward by Cherime MacFarlane

Southwest of Homer series

Homer Bait and Switch (book 1) – Romance

“The descriptions of the settings are outstanding, painting vivid imagery to help guide the story along.”

Valley Girl Wars (book 2) – Romance

“The storyline had the right amount of suspense and swoon. What a great romance!”

Sailing Backward (book 3) – Romance

“Sweet and spicy…smooth as butter!”

Legends by Cherime MacFarlane


Legends – Sci-fi/Fantasy, Anthology (with several other authors)

“I discovered each well written story to be original, creative and spell binding.”