Denise McCabe

Denise McCabeDenise McCabe is a children’s book author and blogger. She resides in Dublin with her husband and two children. When she gets time, her favorite pastime is writing and reading with a cup of tea at hand. Her ultimate goal is to see her children grow up in a happy environment and live content, peaceful lives while trying to stay sane in the meantime.

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Arrgh! Why Didn't I Just Brush My Teeth by Denise McCabe  The Witches of Naiad School: Little Molly's Mishaps by Denise McCabe  Spike, The Not So Nice Dinosaur by Denise McCabe  The Clumsy Gnome by Denise McCabe  Clutter Land by Denise McCabe  Gubble Bubble Kingdom by Denise McCabe  The Adventures of Joey Who Would Not Sleep by Denise McCabe  Unicorns Moving Day by Denise McCabe

Arrgh! Why Didn’t I Just Brush My Teeth – Children’s

“Fun illustrations and cute story to get kids to brush their teeth.”

The Witches of Naiad School: Little Molly’s Mishaps – Children’s

“Biggest compliment I can pass on is the phrase … read it again.”

Spike, The Not So Nice Dinosaur – Children’s (Available in English and Spanish)

“It is a book with several useful messages for children.”

The Clumsy Gnome – Children’s

“It’s silly and funny and made my little ones laugh.”

Clutter Land – Children’s

“I loved the colorful drawings in this book and the clever way that the author used to teach children the importance of cleaning up their toys.”

Gubble Bubble Kingdom – Children’s

“Such a cute story! I really loved it, funny and entertaining with beautiful and colorful pictures.”

The Adventures of Joey Who Would Not Sleep – Children’s

“A well-written story with beautiful illustrations. The story develops the imagination of children.”

Unicorns Moving Day – Children’s

“Charlene really does not want to move to a new house. She gets a brainwave that will surely stop her parents from going, but things go a little further than expected and the moving days gets quite chaotic.”