Diane Daigle

Diane Daigle writes children’s stories with life lessons.

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Amazingly Marvelous Jimmy The Jester by Diane Daigle  Danny The Dragon And The Orange Egg by Diane Daigle  Belinda The Badger And The Wild Water Park Ride by Diane Daigle  Tommy Tinker The Wind-Up Robot by Diane Daigle  The Oddest Unicorn by Diane Daigle  Mrs. Lemieux And The Tricky Two by Diane Daigle

Wunder Corners series

Amazingly Marvelous Jimmy The Jester (book 1) – Children’s

“It is colorful, great, UNIQUE illustrations, and a thoroughly engaging, entertaining story.”

Danny The Dragon And The Orange Egg (book 2) – Children’s

“What a sweet little story, with such beautiful pictures.”

Belinda The Badger And The Wild Water Park Ride (book 3) – Children’s

“A story with a message, lots of metaphorical hugging and learning and I personally enjoyed the illustrations.”

Tommy Tinker The Wind-Up Robot (book 4) – Children’s

“I loved also the little message that was aimed at adults at the end.”

The Oddest Unicorn (book 5) – Children’s

“Beautifully told story about friendship and why being good to others even when they they seem different is good.”

Mrs. Lemieux And The Tricky Two (book 6) – Children’s

“One of my favorite things about all of the Wunder Corners books is how they are able to incorporate vital life lessons to children throughout the stories seamlessly, effortlessly, and totally ‘under-the-radar.’”

Jake Rabbit's Pointy Problem by Diane Daigle  Mike And The Missing Elf by Diane Daigle

Standalone Stories

Jake Rabbit’s Pointy Problem – Children’s

“Jake Rabbit just wants to be like all of his friends. But there is something different about Jake that he is afraid to share.”

Mike And The Missing Elf – Children’s

“A book about an imaginary friend and the importance of friendship.”