DM Wolfenden

DM WolfendenDM Wolfenden loves all things dark and is a horror addict. She grew up watching the old British hammer horror TV movies. Most of her stories have a dark side and one of her friends said they represent her pretty well: a little dark with a lot of heart. She hopes that’s true and not her just being nice as she uses that now as her tag line.

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Winters Day by DM Wolfenden  Wedding Dress For Sale, Never Worn by DM Wolfenden  The Box by DM Wolfenden

Romance / Women’s Fiction / Literary Fiction

Winters Day – Romance, Contemporary

“No one looks for pain, but some women seem to attract it.”

Wedding Dress For Sale, Never Worn – Women’s Fiction, Short Story

“I experienced sadness and joy, all in the same short story. It is definitely worth a read.”

The Box – Literary Fiction, Contemporary

“The Box is a suspenseful thriller that focuses on the problem of child abuse.”

Behind Blue Eyes by DM Wolfenden  Joanna by DM Wolfenden  Carly by DM Wolfenden  When Darkness Falls by DM Wolfenden  Bernie And The Beast by DM Wolfenden  Double Trouble by DM Wolfenden  Undead by DM Wolfenden  A Sea Of Monsters and Other Tales by DM Wolfenden

Horror / Thriller

Behind Blue Eyes – Horror

“What a powerful, dark, tragic tale with an unrequited romance interwoven throughout the story.”

Joanna – Horror, Short Story

“The past and the present come together perfectly in this dark, gritty, intense tale that will make you hold your breath with each page.”

Carly – Thriller, Short Story

“An enthralling mystery slash thriller that will grip your attention until the last page.”

When Darkness Falls – Horror, Short Story

“A suspenseful path in a storyline with twists and turns.”

Bernie And The Beast – Horror, Short Story

“Chilling short story but uniquely told. Visions of a green eyed beauty, illusion or delusion, is a tiny tale of thrilling suspense.”

Double Trouble – Horror, Short Stories (includes Carly, The Box, Bernie And The Beast)

“They were gritty and scary and got into your head.”

Undead – Horror

“A chance encounter with a beautiful woman sets his cold dead heart on fire. He can’t help but watch her every move.”

A Sea Of Monsters: and Other Tales – Horror, Short Stories

“An A to Z of Horror from the author we know to be a little dark, with a lot of heart.”