Dmitry Yakhovsky

Dmitry YakhovskyDmitry Yakhovsky has received education at the Academy of Art in Minsk, Belarus. He mostly works for authors and publishers all over the world to illustrate books in both digital and traditional ways but is also regularly commissioned for smaller projects. Dmitry writes and illustrates his own books. Examples of this are the graphic novel series ‘The Shadow of the Cross’ and created two coloring books for adults which were all published by the British publisher MadeGlobal and two historical graphic novels set in medieval Netherlands published by the Dutch publisher Pear Productions. He is this year’s winner of a big comic contest in the Netherlands. Dmitry is besides this specialized in portrait and landscape paintings which are usually done in oil paint or watercolor and regularly exhibited.

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Shadow of the Cross: Imprisonment by Dmitry Yakhovsky  Shadow of the Cross: Awakening by Dmitry Yakhovsky

The Shadow of the Cross series

The Shadow of the Cross: Imprisonment (book 1) – Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction

“This is the start of a very intriguing story! The narrative is captivating and left me wanting more. But the best part is the artistry – it is beautifully done.”

The Shadow of the Cross: Awakening (book 2) – Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction

“There’s also a fabulous sense of movement, from colors, to faces, to landscape, to architecture, I REALLY found the art excellent and kept reopening the book to look at the pages.”

The Wars of the Roses Coloring Book by Dmitry Yakhovsky  The Life of Anne Boleyn Coloring Book by Dmitry Yakhovsky

Coloring Books

The Wars of the Roses Colouring Book (with Debra Bayani) – Nonfiction, Coloring Book

“History is bought to life by the collaboration of the storyteller and the artist.”

The Life of Anne Boleyn Colouring Book (with Claire Ridgway) – Nonfiction, Coloring Book

“Not only is this a nice colouring book, it also has a great history lesson about the Boleyn family.”