Grant Leishman

Grant LeishmanGrant Leishman is an expatriate New Zealander who has made his home in the beautiful islands of The Philippines. After a career in accounting and journalism he has finally found his true calling in life and is now happily “living the dream”, writing full-time.

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The Second Coming by Grant Leishman  Rise of the Antichrist by Grant Leishman  Holy War by Grant Leishman

The Second Coming series

The Second Coming (book 1) – Humor, Semi-fantasy, Adventure, Romance

“A fresh, humorous, quirky and thought provoking look at the world and the effort to save us from ourselves.”

Rise of the Antichrist (book 2) – Humor, Semi-fantasy, Adventure

“The writing is very entertaining and humorous in parts, yet serious and reflective in others.”

Holy War (book 3) – Humor, Semi-fantasy, Adventure

“The author’s talent and sparkle didn’t dull for a moment…what a fantastic finale!”

Just a Drop in the Ocean by Grant Leishman  Love Beyond: Walang Hanggang Pagmamahal by Grant Leishman  Paranormal Alley by Grant Leishman  The Photograph by Grant Leishman  Tortured Minds by Grant Leishman  LIMITLESS by Grant Leishman

Stand-alone Novels

Just a Drop in the Ocean – Romance, Adventure

“A story of love, hope and second chances. An inspirational story. Highly recommended.”

Love Beyond: Walang Hanggang Pagmamahal – Romance, Historical

“This story is both sad and uplifting, inspirational and informative, and it’ll be a real treat for all history buffs.”

Paranormal Alley (with Chris Leishman) – Horror, Paranormal, Short Stories, Anthology

“Wow, what a great, gritty and fascinating collection of short stories, or better called “doors,” one of each leads to its own twisted and absolutely unpredictable reality.”

The Photograph – Horror, Paranormal

“Brilliantly twisted, dark, suspenseful story that at times can be truly frightening.”

Tortured Minds (with Rachel McGrath and Colin Griffiths) – Thriller, Psychological, Paranormal

“A fine line between love and hate…perfectly demonstrated in this love triangle with a difference.”

LIMITLESS: (With Love, Hope and Tolerance the Possibilities are Limitless) (with multiple other authors) – Literary Fiction, Anthology

“A collection of short stories and poetry that is powerful, passionate, and loving.”