Hannah Howe

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Hannah Howe is the author of the Sam Smith Mystery Series, the Ann’s War Mystery Series and the #1 international bestseller Saving Grace. Hannah’s books are published by Goylake Publishing and distributed through Gardners Books to over 300 outlets worldwide. Her books are available in print, as eBooks and audio books, and are being translated into ten languages.

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Saving Grace: A Victorian Mystery by Hannah Howe

Saving Grace: A Victorian Mystery – Mystery, Victorian (Available in English and Portuguese)

“The author beautifully takes the reader in and out of clues and red herrings, never giving enough to see where this is heading, which heightens the mystery.”

Sam's Song by Hannah Howe  Love and Bullets by Hannah Howe  The Big Chill by Hannah Howe  Ripper by Hannah Howe  The Hermit of Hisarya by Hannah Howe  Secrets and Lies by Hannah Howe  Family Honour by Hannah Howe  Sins of the Father by Hannah Howe  Smoke and Mirrors by Hannah Howe  Stardust by Hannah Howe  Mind Games by Hannah Howe  Digging in the Dirt by Hannah Howe  A Parcel of Rogues by Hannah Howe  Boston by Hannah Howe  The Devil and Ms Devlin by Hannah Howe

Sam Smith Mystery series

Sam’s Song (book 1) – Mystery, Private Investigator (Available in English, French, and Spanish)

“The story pulled me in and wouldn’t let go. I never saw the twists and turns in the plot coming.”

Love and Bullets (book 2) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“The touch of humour throughout the book makes the story vibrant.”

The Big Chill (book 3) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“Howe’s books are bright, breezy and short enough to read in a couple of sittings. They are hard to put down.”

Ripper (book 4) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“The author has achieved something special in this series… A modern day Jack the Ripper.”

The Hermit of Hisarya (book 5) – Mystery, Private Investigator (Available in English and Bulgarian)

“The author does a good job with bringing the exotic locale of Bulgaria alive, giving the story a travel lit component.”

Secrets and Lies (book 6) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“The author does a good job of showing us both sides of the main character; the confident private investigator and on the personal side, the girlfriend with a bit of a temper problem.”

Family Honour (book 7) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“Hannah Howe is a word wizard and each book in this series seems to be better than the one before.”

Sins of the Father (book 8) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“Great mystery but to me the love that comes through this story makes it an even better book.”

Smoke and Mirrors (book 9) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“Like other Sam Smith books, this one looks into the problems in society, and the corruption behind them. Should we turn our heads for the “greater good”?”

Stardust (book 10) – Mystery, Private Investigator (Available in English and Dutch)

“What I found to be a great is Sam beginning to think about the future in a different way.”

Mind Games (book 11) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“All of the Sam Smith books will provide you with hours of entertainment as well as insight into many problems with your fellow beings.”

Digging in the Dirt (book 12) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“In this detective series set in Wales we are not only being entertained with an excellent thriller but we are also getting a tour guide and history lesson on the way.”

A Parcel of Rogues (book 13) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“One of the fascinating things about Sam Smith stories is the wealth of local knowledge.”

Boston (book 14) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“As if Sam doesn’t get into enough trouble in Europe, now she’s involved in American troubles.”

The Devil and Ms Devlin (book 15) – Mystery, Private Investigator

“Plenty of unsavory characters you’ll want to be the guilty party… all hiding secrets.”

Betrayal by Hannah Howe  Invasion by Hannah Howe  Blackmail by Hannah Howe  Escape by Hannah Howe  Victory by Hannah Howe

Ann’s War Mystery series

Betrayal (book 1) – Mystery, Private Investigator, WWII (Available in English, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish)

“I’m a huge fan of Foyle’s War, the BBC crime series set in WWII England, and this book reminded me of that series.”

Invasion (book 2) – Mystery, Private Investigator, WWII (Available in English and Italian)

“Being a huge history buff, I loved not only the authentic atmosphere but certain historical details, dotted throughout the narration, which made me enjoy the story even more.”

Blackmail (book 3) – Mystery, Private Investigator, WWII (Available in English and Italian)

“Love can be bittersweet, Ann learns, especially forbidden love.”

Escape (book 4) – Mystery, Private Investigator, WWII

“Trying times are ahead for Ann—and she can’t escape love or murder.”

Victory (book 5) – Mystery, Private Investigator, WWII

“This was especially touching tale on what the men coming back from war went through.”