Jason Greenfield

Jason GreenfieldJason Greenfield – WARNING: Jason Greenfield is a madman (not certified because he always fail exams!) and his work is quite out there and freaky, except when it’s not. Then it’s quite ordinary and possibly dull. He … I …The writer also tends to speak in the third person but forget all that. If you like pina colada and walks in the rai … uh i mean If you like sci-fi/fantasy/comedy/sometimes serious/sometimes whacky stuff to read then you might … MIGHT … like his uh my work. Then again you might think it’s worthless garbage fit only to line your dog’s basket with! But you won’t know until you try 🙂 Lots and lots of writing.

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Forever Torn by Jason Greenfield

Forever Torn – Nonfiction, Factual Fiction, Biography

“A thought-provoking and morally challenging tale of how a family responds to a tragic decision with repercussions to this day.”

The Unseen Man by Jason Greenfield

Meridian Universe series

The Unseen Man (book 1) – Science Fiction, Superhero Fantasy

“Don’t expect to find your ordinary hero type or your every day ‘let me save the world’ kind of situations. The Unseen Man is way darker and more profound than that. And I loved it for that.”

The Dashing Blade by Jason Greenfield

Lords of Hellfire series

The Dashing Blade (book 1) – Fantasy, Historical Swashbuckling

“Can straight action historical swashbuckling adventure mix with Blackadder-like comedy set in a world of masked adventurers during the time of the French revolution? Hell, yeah!”

Mad Dog and The Englishman by Jason Greenfield

Ethereals series

Mad Dog and The Englishman (book 1) – Fantasy, Dark, Humor, Satire

“The book all the critics are calling ‘offensive to everyone’ and ‘the product of a deranged mind.’”

Bite Size Stories V1 by Jason Greenfield  Bite Size Stories V2 by Jason Greenfield  Bite Size Stories V3 by Jason Greenfield  Bite Size Stories V4 by Jason Greenfield

Bite Size Stories series

Bite Size Stories (volume 1) – Literary Fiction, Mixed Genre, Flash Fiction

“This is a fun, quick-read book that I enjoyed. It is especially nice for those who do not have a lot of time to read.”

Bite Size Stories V2 (volume 2) – Literary Fiction, Mixed Genre, Flash Fiction

“A lot of stories for a very small price – well worth the bargain and highly recommended, especially for those that don’t have a lot of time.”

Bite Size Stories V3 (volume 3) – Literary Fiction, Mixed Genre, Flash Fiction

“The stories are fun and creative a pleasure to read.”

Bite Size Stories V4 (volume 4) – Literary Fiction, Mixed Genre, Flash Fiction

“Read them on the train or during a 15 minute break. Perfect for airports and waiting for buses.”