Jenna Greene

Jenna GreeneJenna Greene is a middle school teacher, dance enthusiast, dragonboat coach, and semi-professional napper. She lives with her husband, Scott, and daughter, Olivia, in Alberta, Canada.

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Imagine by Jenna Greene  Reality by Jenna Greene  Heritage by Jenna Greene

Imagine series

Imagine (book 1) – Fantasy

“A brilliant YA style fantasy novel that wasn’t afraid to delve into the brutal nature of magic and fantasy style storytelling.”

Reality (book 2) – Fantasy

“It was fascinating and engaging as a reader to see the underlying theme of persecution and hatred based on fear arising within the novel.”

Heritage (book 3) – Fantasy

“I am more than blown away by the world building, character driven and emotionally charged story.”

Heroine by Jenna Greene  The Wicked Truth: Villains Speak Out by Jenna Greene  Reborn by Jenna Greene

Standalone Novels

Heroine – Literary Fiction, Coming of Age

“Morgaine is a clutz, a dramatist, and above all, a dreamer. … When things fail to go as planned, Morgaine’s carefully designed mask of dreams and fantasies begin to crack.”

The Wicked Truth: Villains Speak Out – Fantasy, Short Stories, Anthology (with multiple authors)

“Very creative retelling from the villain’s perspectives.”

Reborn – Science Fiction, Dystopian

“Intriguing and engaging from start to finish.”