Laura Birzulis

Laura BirzulisLaura Birzulis is a complete book nut. She has many favourite authors, especially those who focus on paranormal romance and the supernatural genres! She can’ get enough of it! When she’s not writing or reading as the proud geek she is, you can find her with her dogs and her partner who are a huge part of her world. However if she’s not found with them she’s usually glued to any supernatural programme going! Oh yes (she may have a problem, she’s seriously considering therapy) and a steaming mug of something or other in her hands! Laura looks forward to creating new worlds and characters in the future and she hopes you all enjoy!

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The Watchers by Laura Birzulis  the Portrait of the Dying Girl by Laura Birzulis  Fractured Soul by Laura Birzulis  Angel of Whispers by Laura Birzulis

The Watchers – Paranormal, Vampires

“The action sequences were so invigorating, and you can see the author has a poetic side when describing emotions and inner turmoil.”

The Portrait Of The Dying Girl: Are you really living if you are dead inside? – Literary Fiction, Short Story

“This is an amazing short short about finding love after making a split second decision to help someone.”

Fractured Soul – Paranormal

“A girl who has known monsters parading around in human faces all of her life meets a stranger with a twisted secret.”

Angel of Whispers – Paranormal, Vampires

“Finding true love, mastering angelic genes, enjoying vampire life – pure bliss. Or so Jade thought.”