Laurie Wright

Laurie WrightLaurie Wright: How she became a childhood mental health specialist.

OK, so she’s not really a childhood mental health expert but the 1000s of families she has helped go from struggling with how to talk to kids about their BIG feelings to knowing the exact words to help BOOST a child’s self-esteem, actually think she is.

She thinks it’s a nice side effect of helping so many families overcome their struggles after they have been floundering around & feeling desperate for so long.

Before she dedicated herself to helping people say adios to crappy self-esteem, low self-worth, and negative self-talk, she was a mom of three with a little idea. It took a lot of inspiration & a truck-load of guts to get to where she is today.

Let’s Do the Math…

So, the reason she is CALLED a specialist is that one fine day, she decided she was going to really figure this whole childhood mental health thing out.

For once, she wanted a solution…not a possible solution but a sure-shot, carved-in-stone solution.

And so she did. She gave it her all (time, money, effort) and she is incredibly proud of the results she has managed to get for her people.

Her books are a quick, simple to read and use resource for parents and teachers, and they will give you the words to start conversations around these important topics.

Use these mantras, give the children in your life a BOOST!

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I Can Handle It by Laurie Wright  I Matter by Laurie Wright  I Can Handle It: Special Occasions by Laurie Wright  I Will Be Okay by Laurie Wright  I Will Try by Laurie Wright  I Believe in Myself by Laurie Wright  I Believe in Myself by Laurie Wright

Mindful Mantras series

I Can Handle It (book 1) – Children’s (Available in English and French)

“I bought this for my 6-year-old who is easily overwhelmed and frustrated and I think this book is fantastic. It’s a fun way to look at different scenarios where they may get upset or sad or angry, etc. and things they can do to handle it.”

I Matter (book 2) – Children’s

“This book is a wonderful way to teach students or young children to be mindful of their feelings and the world around them!”

I Can Handle It: Special Occasions (book 3) – Children’s

“This book does a great job of offering alternatives to melting down. It’s engaging for him, and is a great reminder for the adults caring for him.”

I Will Be Okay (book 4) – Children’s

“My son has emotional up and downs. This book and the rest in the series are SO amazing at helping him we sent them for show and tell. The teachers REALLY loved them!”

I Will Try (book 5) – Children’s

“I am definitely a fan of this book, particularly because it lets kids know that anxiety is normal, understand it as not unique to them, and provides a phrase to empower them.”

I Believe in Myself (book 6) – Children’s

“The situations are very realistic and some examples of alternatives (of what to do) are really funny.”

I Am Proud of Myself! (book 7) – Children’s

“This book helps children (and their caregivers) remember that learning new things takes time.”

Rainbow's End: A Unicorn Adventure! by Laurie Wright

The Courage Chronicles series

Rainbow’s End: A Unicorn Adventure! (book 1) – Children’s

“I loved the book ‘Rainbows End’ because it is FULL of imagination and wonder.”