Liz Doran

Liz DoranLiz Doran was born in London, grew up in Ireland and lived in the U.S. for five years. She now lives in a small village in Westfalia, Germany. Liz has been penning poems and writing for many years. Now that her sons have flown the nest, she has more time to dedicate to writing. Sometimes you have to take the long and winding road to your goal and Liz believes that all of life’s experiences make writers richer. Writing and reading is a form of escapism. We escape from the madness; we create worlds and characters which enable us to dip our toes into different realities. She often still wonders what her characters are up to now that the story has been written. Because that’s what it’s like, at least for her. You’ve set them up and put them in a place, created a story and left them there. And if your story hits a nerve with people it’s worth all the hard work.

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Where She Belongs by Liz Doran  Red Hat, Green Boots: On Journeys, Oracles, Signs and Psychics by Liz Doran

Where She Belongs – Romance

“This book will make you want to rent a house by the sea! And will give you a taste for small-town Irish living.”

Red Hat, Green Boots: On Journeys, Oracles, Signs and Psychics – Nonfiction, Memoir, Motivational

“Delightful, insightful and honest; this is a fascinating study of the questions we all ponder.”