Mansel Jones

Mansel Jones has been researching and writing about medieval history and the history of Kenfig for the past forty years. He is an acknowledged expert in his field and his views are sought by academics and universities.

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A History of Kenfig by Mansel Jones  Tangwstyl: A Medieval Mystery by Mansel Jones  Pendragon by Mansel Jones

A History of Kenfig – Nonfiction, History

“Well written & full of obscure facts about the local history.”

Tangwstyl: A Medieval Mystery – Historical Fiction, Medieval

“Woven together like one of the tapestries of time. Great book!”

Pendragon – Historical Fiction, Medieval

“A new twist on the story of King Arthur… If you are a history buff you will want to read this book!”

Blind Justice by Mansel Jones  Making Movies by Mansel Jones

Max Gwyther Mystery series

Blind Justice (book 1) – Mystery

“Hugely enjoyable – so much so I didn’t want it to end!”

Making Movies (book 2) – Mystery

“The Max Gwyther Mystery Series explores a selection of Max’s cases from the 1970s through to the millennium.”