May J Panayi

May J PanayiMay J Panayi has been writing since 1967, when she had her first poem called ‘In a Rage’ published in the local Gazette newspaper. That was the point at which she decided she wanted to write, and has been scribbling in one form or another ever since. She’s had poetry, short stories, articles and fillers, published in a variety of magazines, two book anthology collections, fanzines and websites.

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Sun Sea and Secrets: A novel set in Greece by May J Panayi  Return To Aegos by May J Panayi  Sun Sea and Secrets plus Return to Aegos: Two books in one by May J Panayi

Sun series

Sun Sea and Secrets: A novel set in Greece (book 1) – Romance, Contemporary, Travel

“A wonderful advert for the culture, food and lifestyle of the Greeks.”

Return To Aegos (book 2) – Romance, Contemporary, Travel

“The author once again takes you on a wonderful journey with her vivid explanations and of the exotic settings, including the food, atmosphere and the history of Greece.”

Sun Sea and Secrets plus Return to Aegos: Two books in one (books 1 and 2) – Romance, Contemporary, Travel

“A double bill of good holiday reading, completely evoking life on a Greek island, a celebration of scenery, hospitality, friendship and fine food.”

Malbed Mews by May J Panayi  Tales from the Library of a Twisted Mind by May J Panayi  Escape To Europe by May J Panayi  Four To Dawn by May J Panayi  Oddscapes and Quirkitudes by May J Panayi  The Difficult Journey by May J Panayi

Stand-alone Novels

Malbed Mews – Horror

“Unique, scary, blistering well written, and most importantly…Fun. good scary fun.”

Tales from the Library of a Twisted Mind – Horror, Dark, Short Stories

“Haunting and thought provoking collection of short stories; something for every mood.”

Escape To Europe – Thriller, Action

“A strong and controversial read that will surely divide opinions.”

Four To Dawn – Thriller, Psychological, Drama, Women’s

“The book is raw, gritty and thought provoking. Four to Dawn is well written and unique.”

Oddscapes and Quirkitudes – Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Short Stories

“What a delightful, sometimes deep, sometimes dark collection of stories.”

The Difficult Journey – Literary Fiction

“It is the story of a group of people, and their actions and responses to another group of people, who happen to be trying to move from point A to point B on this planet of ours, for whatever reasons.”

Vegan Food Is Yummy by May J Panayi  Christian Celebrations Cookery by May J Panayi  Travel the World in Words by May J Panayi  Pain Poems Prayer and Passion by May J Panayi  Muses and Meanderings by May J Panayi  A 21st Century Coven by May J Panayi  Woodvale by May J Panayi


Vegan Food Is Yummy – Nonfiction, Cookbook

“These are easy to understand, and written with humour and a strong personality.”

Christian Celebrations Cookery – Nonfiction, Cookbook

“A collection of seasonal recipes.”

Travel the World in Words – Nonfiction, Travel

“It has a really intimate feel to it; it often feels like the author is sharing her travel stories with you over a cup of coffee!”

Pain Poems Prayer and Passion – Nonfiction, Poetry

“All are interesting and thought provoking, and there are some quite exceptional and moving pieces in here.”

Muses and Meanderings – Nonfiction, Essays

“This book was just a delight to read. There’s something for everyone … from cats to mental health!”

A 21st Century Coven – Nonfiction, Witchcraft, Occult

“A delightful and informative introduction to modern witchcraft, that cuts through many of the myths and misconceptions.”

Woodvale – Nonfiction, Photography

“This book is filled with truly beautiful photographs depicting nature and the seasons in this stunning cemetery park.”

Bedtime Storybook: A book of stories for children by May J Panayi


Bedtime Storybook: A book of stories for children – Children’s, Short Stories

“This book is a great journey for the imagination! These short stories are great for bedtime or anytime!”