Melanie P Smith

Melanie P SmithMelanie P. Smith was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has an Associates of Science degree in Marketing, a bachelor’s in business management, and a Masters Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation. Melanie served as a support member in Law Enforcement for 26 years before retiring in 2016. During that time, she worked closely with the department’s specialty units to include K9, Motors, SWAT, Search & Rescue and the Mounted Posse. In addition, she coordinated communications and logistics for the SWAT Team and was a member of the Child Abduction Response Team’s Logistical Unit. She has always had an adventurous spirit and has been sky-diving and rappelling. She owns an ATV, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and is an amateur photographer.

For years Melanie has used her creative writing skills for office related tasks such as awards programs and web content. Then one day, she decided it was time to start writing for fun again. Her stories are exciting, action packed, and gripping. Her characters are classy, memorable and strong-willed. If you are looking for a story that you can’t put down, one that will keep you guessing as you embark on a rollercoaster journey of discovery, then you are definitely in the right place.

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Hidden Lakes by Hidden Lakes

Standalone Novels

Hidden Lakes – Romance, Western

“1st book in a long time that made me want to go to the end to make sure things would happen! Truly in awe.”

Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff 1 by Melanie P Smith  Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff 2 by Melanie P Smith  Paige Carter season 3 by Melanie Smith

Crime Blog series

Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff (season 1) – Mystery, Police Procedural

“I read before bed each night….I didn’t want to put the book down.”

Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff (season 2) – Mystery, Police Procedural

“I love reading about Paige Carter, she is tough, but has a soft side also.”

Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff (season 3) – Mystery, Police Procedural

“A unique blend of criminal suspense, police procedure and human interaction.”

Mount Haven by Melanie P Smith  Moondance Ridge by Melanie P Smith  Subterfuge by Melanie P Smith

Thin Blue Line series

Mount Haven (book 1) – Suspense, Criminal, Romance

“I love this book. A lot of action and a little romance.”

Moondance Ridge (book 2) – Suspense, Criminal, Romance

“Suspense, action, drama.”

Subterfuge (book 3) – Suspense, Criminal, Romance

“It is fast-paced, but with a ready, accessible style that makes it easy to get your teeth into.”

Dusk by Melanie P Smith  After Dark by Melanie P Smith  Serendipity: Anthology by Melanie P Smith  Dawn by Melanie P Smith  Shadows by Melanie P Smith  Intrepid Anthology by Melanie P Smith  Chaos by Melanie P Smith  Exposed by Melanie P Smith  Progeny by Melanie P Smith

Warrior series

Dusk (book 1) – Paranormal, Romance

“This book is entertaining and an easy read. Suspenseful, yet a romantic thrilling story.”

After Dark (book 2) – Paranormal, Romance

“I love the mix of vampires, shifters and fae.”

Serendipity: Anthology (book 2.5) –Paranormal, Romance, Anthology, Short Story

“Can a love between a human and immortal survive?”

Dawn (book 3) – Paranormal, Romance

“This series is really kick-butt and I love the action!”

Shadows (book 4) – Paranormal, Romance

“Well, you did it again! I love this book too.”

Intrepid Anthology (book 4.5) – Paranormal, Romance, Anthology, Short Story

“Fantastic series of books with more to come.”

Chaos (book 5) – Paranormal, Romance

“Fantastic Book!!!!! … Can’t wait for the next book in the series.”

Exposed (book 6) – Paranormal, Romance

“The war rages on…..”

Progeny (book 7) – Paranormal, Romance

“The exciting conclusion.”

Imprinted by Melanie Smith

Lorimar Shifter series

Imprinted (book 1) – Paranormal, Romance, Novella

“When two worlds collide… can they resist temptation?”