Millie Slavidou

Millie Slavidou s a British writer, translator and linguist who has lived most of her adult life in Greece and Cyprus. She started writing children’s stories with a little bit of another language in them in order to give her bilingual children something that they could relate to, and to spark an interest in learning about the world. She writes the books she would like to have read as a child. When she is not doing that, she writes articles on etymology and language, especially for the online magazine for pre-teens, Jump Mag.

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Sparky by Mille Slavidou

Sparky – Children’s

“The story of Sparky shows so much – that being different is acceptable – everybody is good at something – friendship is important – and Sparky’s journey to independence is fascinating and will enchant any child.”

The Olympias Clue by Mille Slavidou  Dragon's Rock by Mille Slavidou  Christmas in Greece by Mille Slavidou  Carnival in Germany: Helau! by Mille Slavidou

Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer series

The Olympias Clue (book 1) – Children’s

“Highly recommended for fun-loving, adventurous kids, who probably can’t be reached any other way but by showing them how a lifetime of growing and expanding their minds can open doors to adventure like nothing else.”

Dragon’s Rock (book 2) – Children’s

“A great read for the modern teenager, see and explore the world, connect to all through instagram, no hype, violence, or lost in life, just a great continuation of a series about a young lady off to see and feel Europe.”

Christmas in Greece (book 3) – Children’s

“The true Christmas spirit comes across in this book as a time for sharing and celebrating

Carnival in Germany: Helau! (book 4) – Children’s

“For tweens and teens, this book offers a fascinating insight into the normal lives of children in other countries.”