Morgan Bell

Morgan Bell an aficionado of all things science fiction.

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Technosis: The Kensington Virus by Morgan Bell  Technosis - Graphic Novel 1: The Message by Morgan Bell  Technosis - Graphic Novel: Containment

Technosis: The Kensington Virus series

Technosis: The Kensington Virus – Science Fiction, Dystopian

“Dystopia meets mystery meets adventure in a cocktail that left me giddy and ready for more Morgan Bell.”

Technosis – Graphic Novel: The Message (book 1) – Science Fiction, Dystopian, Graphic Novel

“A short, intriguing glimpse into a dystopian world not that far beyond belief.”

Technosis – Graphic Novel: Containment (book 2) – Science Fiction, Dystopian, Graphic Novel

“It is 2066 and the message is spreading. The message is a plague. It is the last message you will ever receive while you are alive.”