Penny Luker

Penny LukerPenny Luker has been writing all her life. She is an active member of the Winsford Writing Group. Penny loves all forms of writing but particularly poetry. She has released three poetry books, the latest of which is, ‘The Shadows of Love.’

Away from writing, Penny paints, plays piano and ukulele and dotes on her wonderful family and beautiful cat.

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Pablo the Storytelling Bear by Penny Luker  Desdemona: The dragon without any friends by Penny Luker


Pablo the Storytelling Bear – Children’s

“Rich in imagination and wonder, this book and the stories within it are engaging and heartwarming, delivering very positive messages about friendship, family and behaviour.”

Desdemona: The dragon without any friends – Children’s

“A lonely dragon learns courage and finds friendship.”

The Green Book by Penny Luker  Tiny Tyrannosaurus by Penny Luker

The Green Book series

The Green Book (book 1) – Children’s

“I think this would make a good book for bed time, as it will leave you having sweet dreams about having a spell book that makes all your troubles go away.”

Tiny Tyrannosaurus (book 2) – Children’s

“This is a great kid’s book. It’s fun and teaches valuable lessons.”

The Truth Finder by Penny Luker

Truth Finder series

The Truth Finder (book 1) – Fantasy, YA

“Mind reading, telepathic powers, villains, all combined into one good story that is guaranteed to keep a young mind wondering and turning the pages. Enjoyable.”

The Shadows of Love by Penny Luker  Nature's Gold by Penny Luker  Autumn Gold: Poetry to enjoy by Penny Luker


The Shadows of Love – Nonfiction, Poetry

“The poems strike several different chords and different emotions and each is an enjoyable read.”

Nature’s Gold – Nonfiction, Poetry

“This is a lovely collection of short well constructed poems covering a variety of themes: betrayal, satire, humour, domestic abuse, getting old, and first love to name but a few.”

Autumn Gold: Poetry to enjoy – Nonfiction, Poetry

“These are easy poems to read and nothing like the dry and dusty tomes I recall at school.”

The Mermaid by Penny Luker  Pebble on a Beach: Short stories for adults by Penny Luker

Standalone Fiction

The Mermaid – Literary Fiction (multiple genres), Short Stories

“These stories are all crafted with the skill of the practised storyteller. It is a treasure chest of entertainment.”

Pebble on a Beach: Short stories for adults – Literary Fiction (multiple genres), Short Stories

“Be strong-minded if you can and make these delights a nightly, or daily, treat.”