Peter Purves

Peter PurvesPeter Purves is the actor, presenter and talented director who first shot to fame appearing with William Hartnell in 44 episodes of Doctor Who playing his companion Steven Taylor. His varied career is perhaps most well remembered for his 10 year stint as part of the Blue Peter “Dream Team” with Valerie Singleton and John Noakes. Most people have a specific memory of this golden age of British television amongst them the infamous ‘Lulu the elephant’ scene and Peter’s early partnership with Petra who was immortalised in the Blue Peter garden. Following his departure from Blue Peter he famously presented another kids favourite Kickstart and Junior Kickstart which became cult summer holiday TV. Peter is also well known for his association with Crufts. He first began presenting coverage for the BBC in 1976 and has been closely associated with it for over 30 years. Peter Purves – My Autobiography is a look back at Peter’s career and fascinating life and is a celebration of one of Britain’s best loved presenters.

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Here’s One I Wrote Earlier: Peter Purves: The Autobiography

Here’s One I Wrote Earlier: Peter Purves: The Autobiography – Nonfiction, Autobiography

“A pleasant, wholesome and refreshing read. No desperate sensationalism. No bitching about people (though he could well have, I’m sure). Modest. Grateful. Lots of interesting titbits…”

Doctor Who: The Myth Makers  Doctor Who: The Daleks’ Master Plan  Doctor Who: The Gunfighters  Doctor Who: The Massacre  Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles - Mother Russia  Doctor Who: The Time Meddler  Doctor Who - Flywheel Revolution    Doctor Who - Short Trips - Etheria  Doctor Who - An Ordinary Life  The Doctor Who Audio Annual: Multi-Doctor  Doctor Who: The Ark: 1st Doctor Novelisation  Doctor Who: Men of War  Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space: First Doctor Story  Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Collection One 1964-1965  Doctor Who: Galaxy 4  Doctor Who: The Savages  Doctor Who: The Celestial Toymaker   Doctor Who: Daleks - Mission to the Unknown

Dr Who audiobooks (as narrator)

Doctor Who: The Myth Makers – Science Fiction

“This is not the typical serious Doctor Who story, but rather a bit tongue in cheek and most entertaining.”

Doctor Who: The Daleks’ Master Plan – Science Fiction

“Enjoy the rich, almost gleeful plotting of William Hartnell, the exhausted, almost whining of Steven, and the harsh, commanding voices of the DALEKS! You’ve seen the surviving episodes, you have the novel, now hear it come to life!”

Doctor Who: The Gunfighters – Science Fiction

“One of the best reading of these audio books I’ve ever heard, most enjoyable. A must listen to.”

Doctor Who: The Massacre – Science Fiction

“…bring some classic Dr Who back to life and transport me straight back to my childhood. Highly recommended!”

Doctor Who – The Companion Chronicles – Mother Russia – Science Fiction

“This story does a wonderful job capturing the spirit of 19th Century Russia and establishing a great sense of place and the culture of this village.”

Doctor Who: The Time Meddler – Science Fiction

“So well told! I enjoyed the TV originals but these audio-books just take the imagination a stage further!”

Doctor Who – Flywheel Revolution – Science Fiction

“On a planet in the far future, Frankie and his fellow robots have been consigned to the Scrapheap, doomed to explore no further than the limits of the artificial Wall.”

Doctor Who – The Bounty of Ceres – Science Fiction

“I very much enjoyed the writing of the characters and the depiction of a remote base, pushing technology to the limit – and perhaps beyond.”

Doctor Who – Short Trips – Etheria – Science Fiction

“Having escaped an ambush by pirates, the Doctor and Vicki are stranded on a strange world, in the shadow of vast rock formations and islands in the sky.”

Doctor Who – An Ordinary Life – Science Fiction

“Peter Purves does a remarkable job as Steven Taylor, and also as the Doctor, and in narrating.”

The Doctor Who Audio Annual: Multi-Doctor Stories – Science Fiction

“What a treat … took me back to Christmases long ago when I would sit for hours lost in the pages of the original annuals.”

Doctor Who: The Ark: 1st Doctor Novelisation – Science Fiction

“For me, the Ark Simone of the best doctor who stories ever because the story is just so damn clever.”

Doctor Who: Men of War – Science Fiction

“One of the best of this range, a very vivid depiction of horrors both real and otherwise, with some superb character work all round.”

Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space: First Doctor Story – Science Fiction

“Doctor land in the futuristic world of The One. Along with the Mortimer family, whom he rescued from the Great Fire of London, he finds himself recruited to lead a galactic invasion from Andromeda – with the TARDIS instrumental in the plan!”

Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Collection One 1964-1965 – Science Fiction

“Five thrilling soundtrack adventures from the early days of Doctor Who, featuring serials lost from the TV archive.”

Doctor Who: Galaxy 4 – Science Fiction

“‘Galaxy 4’ is one of those lost Doctor Who serials that you just want to shout about!”

Doctor Who: The Savages – Science Fiction

“This is yet another fine example of intelligent writing, and superb acting and execution, definitely classic Dr. Who material.”

Doctor Who: The Celestial Toymaker – Science Fiction

“A tiny but top notch cast powerfully sell this truly sinister nursery tea.”

Doctor Who: Daleks – Mission to the Unknown – Science Fiction

“For me this is one of the very best releases in this series so far. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”