Sarah Northwood

Sarah NorthwoodSarah Northwood is a British fiction author who lives in a small village with her husband, two children and writing companion, a King Charles Spaniel. She is the author of nine books, which cover poetry, psychological thriller and children’s works. When not writing, she enjoys making good piano music sound passable and inventing new pieces.

Her poetry books include: Butterfly Dreams, The truths We Tell and Little Moments of Calm.

Her thrillers include: The Unravelling, The Volunteer and She’s Not Gone.

Her children’s books include: Unicorns are real and other cool poems, Legend of the Night Unicorn and Aerwyn, the girl who dreams.

“Growing up in a little town, I was surrounded by animals and a loving family. However, I never quite knew what I wanted to be when I was older. I’ve spent most of my working career working in science until a new life beckoned. Now I believe in never growing up! I am a Wife and Mum to two wonderful girls, who rock my world, they inspire me every day. I enjoy writing stories for children and adults. I’m a fan of romance, rhyme, poetry and composing songs. In addition, I also work part-time at my local school, which I love! I have a trusty companion, Charlie, who is my King Charles spaniel. Wherever my adventures take me, he is by my side.”

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The Unravelling by Sarah Northwood  The Volunteer by Sarah Northwood

The Volunteer Duology series

The Unravelling (book 1) – Psychological Thriller

“The mood of this book is dark and suspenseful, yet thoughtful. This is not for the faint of heart.”

The Volunteer (book 2) – Psychological Thriller, Horror

“Fast-paced plot and real, engaging characters make this thriller a truly fascinating read.”

Little Moments of Calm by Sarah Northwood  Butterfly Dreams by Sarah Northwood  The Truths We Tell by Sarah Northwood  Life According to Poetry by Sarah Northwood


Little Moments of Calm – Nonfiction, Poetry

“A delightful collection of inspiring poetry.”

Butterfly Dreams – Nonfiction, Poetry

“I love the poetry makes me dream of things that have slipped away a long time ago. Very vivid and done wonderfully.”

The Truths We Tell – Nonfiction, Poetry

“It is truly amazing that someone can capture so much emotion, observe so much, and convey so much feeling in such a short space and so few words.”

Life According to Poetry – Nonfiction, Poetry

“The author has a way of touching your emotions with her poems, and the reader will find they can relate to each and every one.”

 The Westwood Witches: A Secret Discovered by Sarah Northwood  She’s Not Gone by Sarah Northwood  The House That Evil Made by Sarah Northwood

Standalone Novels

The Westwood Witches: A Secret Discovered – Fantasy, YA, Magic

“This is a complicated book that I feel readers of YA will love. Murder and Intrigue, magic and other dimensional worlds, social and political problems all combine to make this a really fulfilling novel.”

She’s Not Gone – Thriller, Psychological, Women’s fiction

“A gripping psychological thriller with a twist of evil and a slice of the supernatural.”

The House That Evil Made – Horror, Short Story

“The author builds up the tension in a powerful way, and creates such a tense atmosphere, you’ll be looking over your shoulder as you read.”

Legend of the Night Unicorn by Sarah Northwood  Aerwyn: The girl who dreams by Sarah Northwood  Unicorns are real and other cool poems by Sarah Northwood

Children’s Short Stories and Poetry

Legend of the Night Unicorn – Children’s, Fantasy, Short Story

“Captures all the wonders of childhood dreams and fantasies in this vibrant children’s tale. Magical, colorful, and full of childhood wonder.”

Aerwyn: The girl who dreams – Children’s, Short Story

“This is such a beautiful feel good story for a young audience and gives such a positive attitude. To never stop dreaming.”

Unicorns are real and other cool poems – Children’s, Nonfiction, Poetry

“This is a lovely collection of poems for kids that adults will enjoy reading too!”