Silviya Rankova

Silviya RankovaSilviya Rankova was born in Bulgaria in 1975, in a very rich in history, and old capital city – Veliko Tarnovo.

She graduated from Plovdiv University and has a Master’s in Biology. In 2005, her family emigrated to USA, arriving in Chicago. They still live there, in the north suburbs.

Silviya’s interests and passion: Esoterica, Mysticism, Philosophy, Poetry, Photography and Handmade stuff. She loves travelling, baking, and reading books.

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How Olly Met His New Family by Sylvia Rankova  Danny and Ollys Trick- or-Treat Night by Silviya Rankova   Cookies For Santa by Silviya Rankova   Rankova_Fay The Maple Fairy and The Tree Doctor - thumbnail

How Olly Met His New Family – Children’s

“Danny was surprised to learn that his family was going to have a new pet—a little kitty that purrs and meows.”

Danny and Olly’s Trick-or-Treat Night: Halloween story – Children’s

“A delightful children’s tale told in poetic verse, with beautifully detailed illustrations and an exciting story line.”

Cookies For Santa – Children’s

“A Christmas story about little Danny, who made some cookies for Santa and wanted him to bring to the poor, hungry kids.”

Fay The Maple Fairy and The Tree Doctor – Children’s

“A little maple fairy reveals important news about the maple tree in Alex’s front yard.”

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