Silviya Rankova

Silviya RankovaSilviya Rankova was born in Bulgaria in 1975, in a very rich in history, and old capital city – Veliko Tarnovo.

She graduated from Plovdiv University and has a Master’s in Biology.  She taught biology for almost 4 years in the same high school in Veliko Tarnovo that she graduated from.

She got married in 1999, and has two handsome sons. In 2005, her family emigrated to USA, arriving in Chicago. They still live there, in the north suburbs.

Silviya’s interests and passion: Esoterica, Mysticism, Philosophy, Poetry, Photography and Handmade stuff. She loves travelling, baking, and reading books.

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How Olly Met His New Family by Sylvia Rankova

Children and Their Pets series

How Olly Met His New Family (book 1) – Children’s

“Danny was surprised to learn that his family was going to have a new pet—a little kitty that purrs and meows.”

Sylva’s Photography