Susan Horsnell

Susan Horsnell writes both Western Historical and Contemporary.

You’ll find Mail Order Brides, a Mail Order Governess and even a Mail Order Ranger just to include the males of the species.

There are knock ’em down, drag ’em out fights, gruesome murders and a gun toting, cussing, female saloon owner. She also has two books which explore how a blind child would cope on a ranch in the days of the Wild West.

Susan’s contemporary titles have male/female, male/male, menage and even a shapshifter paranormal.

In every book there is a beautiful heroine and a dashingly handsome hero. Sometimes their happy endings seem unlikely but they do eventually get there.

She hopes you enjoy exploring her books and looks forward to hearing from you..

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Guardians of Death’s Secrets by Susan Horsnell  Legend of Dry River by Susan Horsnell  Chantilly Lace by Susan Horsnell  Mail Order Ranger by Susan Horsnell  Second Chance Rancher by Susan Horsnell  Mail Order Governess by Susan Horsnell  The Cowboy’s Calamity by Susan Horsnell  The Sheriff and the Redhead by Susan Horsnell  Unlikely Outlaws: Beltane World by Susan Horsnell  Silent Dreams by Susan Horsnell  Tortured Souls by Susan Horsnell  Chase by Susan Horsnell

Western Romance

Guardians of Death’s Secrets – Romance, Western

“Hundreds of bones are uncovered when a mine sealed in the 19th Century is disturbed by an earthquake.”

Legend of Dry River – Romance, Western

“A solidly written, intriguing story that will take you on quite the adventure.”

Chantilly Lace – Romance, Western

“I started reading this book thinking, it will make the time go by. Yeah, time flew because I could not put the book down.”

Mail Order Ranger – Romance, Western

“An old fashioned easy to read, feel good book. … Intrigue and suspense keeps the reader guessing throughout the story.”

Second Chance Rancher – Romance, Western

“The author captured the countryside making the reader almost smell the dirt.”

Mail Order Governess – Romance, Western

“The story is fun, corny with drama thrown into the mix.”

The Cowboy’s Calamity – Romance, Western

“This book was funny, at times frustrating…how klutzy can one girl be?”

The Sheriff and the Redhead – Romance, Western

“This story is a western romance with action, drama, weddings, funerals and a kidnapping and beneath it all love.”

Unlikely Outlaws: Beltane World – Romance, Western, Novella

“A wonderful adventure that I highly recommend you join in on.”

Silent Dreams – Romance, Western

“A quick and fiery read, the chemistry between Emma and Cody leaps off the page…ok, the kindle screen.”

Tortured Souls – Romance, Western

“The Civil War, the death of his brother, the loss of his sister-in-law and unborn child – how much more can a young man endure?”

Chase – Romance, Western

“The story line was solid and the characters intriguing to know, both the main characters and the Native Americans.”

Blind Beginnings by Susan Horsnell  Blind Success by Susan Horsnell

The Blind series

Blind Beginnings (book 1) – Romance, Western

“I could almost see Texas in the 1800s, the land the flowers and the animals all came to life in my mind.”

Blind Success (book 2) – Romance, Western

“I felt the characters’ emotions, the joy, the terror and the love.”

Matt by Susan Horsnell  Will by Susan Horsnell  Clay by Susan Horsnell

The Carter Brothers series

Matt (book 1) – Romance, Western

“This story is filled with adventure, mystery, violence, greed, loyalty and love.”

Will (book 2) – Romance, Western

“I love the Carter family. Loyal, protective, strong and loving.”

Clay (book 3) – Romance, Western

“This trilogy is very entertaining, adventurous, creative and heartwarming.”

Protecting Della by Susan Horsnell  Hiding Penelope by Susan Horsnell

The Wanted series

Protecting Della (book 1) – Romance, Western

“Oh my what a sweet love story this is, set in 1902 in western America.

Hiding Penelope (book 2) – Romance, Western

“Another sweet romance set in the wild west.”

Cora: Bride of South Dakota by Susan Horsnell  Blackmail by Susan Horsnell  Stormy Reunion by Susan Horsnell  Scarred by Susan Horsnell  Cinderella’s Boss by Susan Horsnell  A Matter of War by Susan Horsnell  Once Upon A Time by Susan Horsnell  Educating Nikki by Susan Horsnell  Destined to Shatter by Susan Horsnell  Love, Hawaiian Style by Susan Horsnell  Secrets? by Susan Horsnell  Bound by Love by Susan Horsnell  Soul Key by Susan Horsnell  March by Susan Horsnell

General Romance

Cora: Bride of South Dakota (from American Mail-Order Brides series, book 40) – Romance, Historical, Victorian

“I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her [Cora’s] strength and determination. I loved this story!”

Blackmail – Romance, Mystery

“A fast paced novel with drama, heart stopping moments and plenty of sizzle.”

Stormy Reunion – Romance, Contemporary

“Lyndsay Richards is an experienced Park Ranger so, why is she missing in a National Park she knows as well as the back of her hand?”

Scarred – Romance, Contemporary

“This is a wonderful romance between two people with problems.”

Cinderella’s Boss – Romance, Novella

“Will Brett realize his true feelings and take his very own Cinderella to the ball or will his best friend steal her from under his nose?”

A Matter of War – Romance, Historical, Military, Vietnam War

“This is a different story for this author, a little old fashioned thrown in the mix. Plenty of sizzling scenes to melt your kindle as well.”

Once Upon A Time… – Romance, Military

“The story was heartstopping at times and beautfully told.”

Educating Nikki – Romance, Contemporary

“This is a fast paced story with steamy bedroom scenes to set your kindle on fire.”

Destined to Shatter – Romance, Contemporary, LGBT

“Firstly I love the M/M genre and add in the BDSM element and I’m in heaven.”

Love, Hawaiian Style – Romance, Contemporary, LGBT

“By day they solve crime, by night they pleasure each other.”

Secrets? – Romance, Contemporary, LGBT

“Quite a few secrets in this one, secrets you know will have you crying for these characters.”

Bound by Love – Romance, Contemporary

“When Imogen falls foul of the city Mayor and she is threatened by him and two of his thugs, will she walk away in one piece?”

Soul Key – Romance, Contemporary

“It was a beautiful love story with the frumpy downtrodden girl turning into a butterfly.”

March (from The Calendar Men series, book 3) – Romance, Contemporary

“At 38 years old, Jarrod Turner has everything – literally. … So, why is he so unhappy with his life?”

Andrew’s Outback Love by Susan Horsnell

Outback Australia series

Andrew’s Outback Love (book 1) – Romance, Australia

“Wow, the descriptions of the outback were so vivid I could almost feel the perspiration on my own skin from the scorching sun, the dust, the pesky insects as well!”

Born to Sin by Susan Horsnell  Born to be Different by Susan Horsnell  Born to Achieve by Susan Horsnell  Born to be Wild by Susan Horsell

Born series

Born to Sin (book 1) – Romance, Contemporary

“Wow what a great first book. She will be on my favorite authors list from now on.”

Born to be Different (book 2) – Romance, Contemporary, LGBT

“It’s a m/m erotic read but it has the content of a beautiful love story mixed with action and drama.”

Born to Achieve (book 3) – Romance, Contemporary

“This is a heart warming story with an insight to how love and compassion can heal.”

Born to be Wild (book 4) – Romance, Contemporary, LGBT

“The combination of strip club, pole dancing and a lost man who wants to stay lost works beautifully together.”

Broken Bastard by Susan Horsnell  Broken Bitch by Susan Horsnell

Broken series

Broken Bastard (book 1) – Romance, Contemporary, LGBT

“You could feel the character’s pain and despair–his fear like it was real.”

Broken Bitch (book 2) – Romance, Contemporary

“A heart wrenching story that has you crying, then cheering in the end.”

Dark Guardian by Susan Horsnell  When Eagles Soar by Susan Horsnell


Dark Guardian – Paranormal, Romance

“The story line was strong and kept me guessing.”

When Eagles Soar – Paranormal, Suspense

“So descriptive and real, I was right there with the characters as they travelled through the story.”

Secret Beneath the House by Susan Horsnell  Dear Diary, by Susan Horssnell


The Secret Beneath the House – Children’s

“What secrets will be revealed when two children left alone in the house hear noises beneath the floor?”

Dear Diary, – Children’s

“An insight into a bullied child’s mind. It’s heartbreaking.”

Letterboxes of Australia by Susan Horsnell  Stolen Innocence by Susan Horsnell

Nonfiction Books

Letterboxes of Australia – Nonfiction, Photography

“The weird, the wacky and the downright boring of Australian letterboxes, along with a short history of Australia Post.”

Stolen Innocence – Nonfiction, History, WWII, Short Story

“An incredibly moving story of a time in history that should never be forgotten.”