Sylva Fae

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Sylva FaeSylva Fae is a married mum of three from Lancashire, England. She has spent twenty years teaching literacy to adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, and now works from home as a children’s writer and illustrator.

Her earliest memories are of bedtime stories. It was a magical time, those last special moments before dozing off to sleep would feed dreams of faraway lands and mystical beings, with fantastic adventures and a sense that anything was possible. She now wants to share that love of stories and inspire children to create their own magical adventures.

Sylva and her family own a wood and they escape there at every possible opportunity to enjoy the peace and fresh air. Adventures in their own enchanted woodland, hunting for fairies and stomping in muddy puddles, inspired Sylva to write stories to entertain her three girls.

Sylva has published several children’s books and also writes a blog, Sylvanian Ramblings. Her debut book, Rainbow Monsters won the Chanticleer Best in Category award.

Little Peeps Award

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Rainbow Monsters: Meet The Rainbow Monsters by Sylva Fae  Mindful Monsters by Sylva Fae

Rainbow Monsters series

Rainbow Monsters: Meet The Rainbow Monsters (book 1) – Children’s, Picture Book

“This book is a perfect way to introduce and reinforce color concepts to young children, and older children will love meeting the monster squad and following them through their day.”

Mindful Monsters (book 2) – Children’s, Picture Book

“Delightful, colourful and beautifully illustrate, this is a great book to read to your little ones.”

Yoga Fox by Sylva Fae  Children’s Christmas Collection by Sylva Fae  Bea & Bee by Sylva Fae  No Place Like Home by Sylva Fae  Elfabet by Sylva Fae  I Can Be Anythng by Sylva Fae  I Can be Anything by Sylva Fae

Standalone books

Yoga Fox – Children’s, Picture Book

“The illustrations are gorgeous. From the rich autumnal tones of the leaves to the eloquence of the expressions on the animals’ faces, ‘Yoga Fox’ is a visual delight.”

Children’s Christmas Collection – Children’s, Picture Book, Anthology (with other authors)

“Truly brings the magic of Christmas when reading this.”

Bea & Bee – Children’s, Picture Book

“My son enjoyed the story about the bee.”

No Place Like Home: The Adventures of Silky and Mac – Children’s, Picture Book

“Silky and Mac set off on an adventure to find their perfect home.”

Elfabet: An A to Z of Woodland Folk – Children’s, Picture Book

“Rhyme your way through the Elfabet with forest fairies, busy elves, cheeky pixies and watery sprites.”

I Can Be Anything – Children’s, Picture Book (Girl’s edition)

“A little girl wonders what her future will be. Will she be a scientist, a dancer, a surfer or a doctor?”

I Can Be Anything – Children’s, Picture Book (Boy’s edition)

“A little boy wonders what his future will be. Will he be an astronaut, a singer, a surfer or an artist?”