The Sisters M

The Sisters M are like the brothers Grimm: siblings who enjoy a good story. Unlike the brothers Grimm, they did not travel around collecting old folk tales and writing them down. In the first place they did not like old folk tales because they were stories told by old folks, and in their experiences, “old folks” did not remember what it was like to be a kid. Nor, for that matter, did “old folks” get the moral of the story right.

For example, Goldilocks and the Three Bears was, in the opinion of the older of the Sisters M, a story about “breaking and entering,” being the older sister and having had the younger Sister M sneak into her room. She was inclined to view matters from the perspective of criminal law, particularly when it came to her younger sister borrowing her toys, jewelry and her favorite pen.

For the younger of the Sisters M, the story of Goldilocks was a matter of tort law, and spoke of the issue of “trespass,” in the form of entry, “conversion” in the form of damage done to chairs, beds and kitchen utensils, and was subject to equitable remedies. The younger sister M particularly took this view when her older sister would borrow her teddy bear or took the younger Sister M’s last piece of licorice. Sisters are, after all, attorneys by nature.

As such, they recognized that the old folk tales, such as those collected by the Brothers Grimm, were subject to expired copyrights. Whereas the stories the Sisters M came up with were very much subject to copyright and the sisters, interested in such things as licorice, personal property and getting paid, took this matter quite seriously. So they came up with their own stories, with their own morals and subject to contemporary copyright law. The Sisters M, being smart sisters, liked these types of stories best, because they liked stories in which the girls had most of the fun and most of the adventures..

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The Darning Needle Dragon by The Sisters M

The Sisters M series

The Darning Needle Dragon (book 1) – Fantasy, MG

“A thoroughly entertaining, educational and enlightening read.”