Troy Christensen

Troy Christensen: In 1980, Troy published a little book called Phantasm Adventures. It’s a role-playing game with a unique set of rules that include personal and racial statistics which allow for equal play of huge giants to tiny sprites. With more than two-hundred skills and dozens of professions, it’s a rich and complicated game system. The magic casting system is utterly unique because no two wizards are alike.

In 1984, Troy wrote his first adventure module for V&V called The Devil’s Domain. The adventure centers around a demonic figure trapped in another dimension that is intent upon escaping to Earth while a group of stalwart heroes fight to stop him.

Shortly after its release, Troy moved to Japan to attend the International Christian University. During this time, he wrote Bloodbath, Bloodchant, and Multiverse.

For the next ten years, Troy worked with every major game publisher, including TSR, Steve Jackson Games, Iron Crown Enterprises, and Different World Magazines. He also continued writing expansions, modules, and map sets for the Japanese.

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The Tome by Troy Christensen

The Tome – Horror, Short Story

“It has been a while since I’ve read a horror story but this one has me wanting to read more.”