Tsila Glidai

Tsila Glidai has always had a passion for writing. She’s been a high-school English teacher in Israel for over 30 years, and she loves making up rhymes, stories and songs to help her students learn what they consider to be a difficult and challenging language.

She’s fortunate to be the mother of eleven wonderful children—eight daughters and three sons, as well as a loving grandmother to – well she’s not counting. Sapphire, the bright and curious little girl who appears in all her stories is her oldest granddaughter. Tsila tries to fit the names of the rest of her grandchildren into her stories whenever she can, but it’s not always easy getting the modern Hebrew names to fit into an English story. Her husband and kids are very excited about her new career as an author of children’s stories, and they are always happy to offer their ideas in their “brainstorming” sessions. She is so thankful for their love and support!

She has recently uploaded her stories to Amazon Kindle. The series is called: “Tell Me A Story, Grandma Glee.”

Several more stories are on the way. She hopes you and your children will enjoy them and feel like reading them over and over again.

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7 out of 9 of her books are also available as paperbacks on Amazon.

Perry the Fairy and Her Tail by Tsila Glidai  Poppy and the Popcorn by Tsila Glidai  The Land Called Frame by Tsila Glidai  Marvelous Marva and the Magical Marbles by Tsila Glidai  Roni and Her Pony by Tsila Glidai  Oakey the Oak Tree by Tsila Glidai  Stuttering Stanley and the Singing Spring by Tsila Glidai  Finny the Fish and His Secret Wish by Tsila Glidai  Cousin Ozzy and the Light Charms of Oaisis by Tsila Glidai

Tell Me A Story, Grandma Glee! series

Perry The Fairy And Her Tail (book 1) – Children’s

“My daughter is just in love with this story, she will not go to bed without me reading to her Perry the Fairy.”

Poppy And The Popcorn (book 2) – Children’s

“This is a fun to read story about one of my favorite snacks. It mixes facts with fiction to tell a very creative story about the origin of popcorn.”

The Land Called Frame (book 3) – Children’s

“Great for children and adults to read and discuss the value of being unique.”

Marvelous Marva and the Magical Marbles (book 4) – Children’s

“I really love the series. Each book provides a valuable lesson.”

Roni And Her Pony (book 5) – Children’s

“This book is great for teaching children to find their own strengths and not become discouraged because they don’t have the same strengths as someone else.”

Oakey The Oak Tree (book 6) – Children’s

“I enjoyed reading this book because the entire story reads like an illustrated poem.”

Stuttering Stanley And The Singing Spring (book 7) – Children’s

“This story is great for helping young readers to recognize the strength within children who may be different, in some way, from other children.”

Finny The Fish And His Secret Wish (book 8) – Children’s

“Both kids and adults can learn so much from this adorable story.”

Cousin Ozzy And The Light Charms Of Oasis (book 9) – Children’s

“Easy to read out loud and lovely story to support a classic problem of growing up.”