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VAL TOBIN Author-of-the-Week Blog Tour

This week Mom’s Favorite Reads is featuring Val Tobin. She writes Thriller, Romance, and Horror. She’s had some crazy experiences in her life that you’ll want to find out about. Click on the links below to go to our host sites to find out more about more about Val and her books.

July 6 – 12, 2019

SaturdayVal Tobin – Hosted by Hannah Howe

SundayVal Tobin with By the Author – Hosted by Rachael Wright

MondayHauntingly Good – Hosted by Ronesa Aveela

Val Tobin – The Valiant Chronicles Hosted by Sylva Fae

Tuesday Guest Post: Val Tobin – Hosted by Anna Rashbrook

WednesdayCelebrating Indie Authors of Excellence – Val Tobin –  Hosted by Grant Leishman

Celebrating Author Val Tobin Hosted by Sylva Fae

ThursdayInjury – Hosted by Millie Slavidou

FridayVal Tobin – Hosted by Melanie Smith

Val Tobin – Horror Stories Hosted by Sylva Fae


Articles and Other Fun Stuff about Val Tobin

Little known fact: Val Tobin have had tiny parts in two feature films:
Route of Acceptance, where she played the main character’s mother and is on screen for about ten seconds (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2537064/)
I Met You First (http://toeachherownfilms.com/?page_id=1208), where she  plays a cashier and hopefully it didn’t end up on the cutting-room floor (movie to be released).

She’s a member of the Writers’ Community of York Region and volunteers as a member at large. Here’s an interview she did for them: https://wcyork.ca/member-spotlight-val-tobin/ 

She’s doing podcasts on Anchor, reading Walk-In chapter-by-chapter. If you want to hear how she sounds when she tries to mimic a minor character who is Hungarian with English as a second language, you can listen to the story here: https://anchor.fm/val61 

She did an interview with Melanie Smith when Poison Pen was released and you can read it here: https://melaniepsmith.com/author-val-tobin/

Another interview appears on Frank Parker‘s blog: https://franklparker.com/2018/05/17/a-date-with-val-tobin/

Mom’s Favorite Reads articles by Val Tobin

Aedammair’s Choice by Val Tobin – June 18, 2019