Author Services

Below we have highlighted a number of services  to help you along your journey, whether you are a published  author or want to write a book, looking for an editor/proof-reader, book  cover design, web design, need help with marketing, or how to get published.

Joanie Chevalier –  Editing and Beta Reading 

I can edit any story and evaluate attention to story flow, plot, dialogue discrepancies, character consistencies, ask the questions, and make comments and suggestions throughout. I will provide a market up redline document and a detailed report.


HRKbKFa5SpqLoNkJgrQr_H2Hlogo Hearts To Hands Speed Publishing

There has never been a better time to be an illustrated children’s book author! It is easier than it has ever been to write, illustrate, layout, publish distribute your book. You can, quite literally publish your book and distribute it worldwide with the push of a button. Simple training and access to  free and affordable resources in the industry


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Editing – Proofreading Ghostwriting, Conversion to any Format Editorial Reviews, Book Cover Design, Book Trailers, Custom Illustrations Marketing Graphics, Press Releases


MPS Pub Melanie P. Smith

Marketing solutions that will highlight your work at a reasonable rate. Check out our eMagazine advertising,  video promos and brochures packages.



Helen Pmumryke 

Proof Reading, Translator & Cover Designs. Prices start from £65/€73/$85 per 45,000 words for a first read-through on a Word document using track changes, and a second read-through on a mobi file (after you have applied the corrections) to catch any final errors. Average time for two read-throughs is 5-7 days, but please let me know if you need it sooner.


i287104489282575979._rsw480h480_szw480h480_Amanda Steel – Writing Critique 

As an MA Creative Writing student, I have provided constructive criticism to other students as part of my learning. This has proved invaluable. Outside of studying, publications rarely give feedback to explain their reasons for rejections. Some places charge for this, asking for much more than I am charging here. I will critique 1000 words of your writing for £5. If you have a longer word count, simply purchase one critique per 1000 words.

One Stop Author Services



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