The Stardust Crusaders

Young Writers  The Stardust Crusaders by Logan, aged 13 This is a story about Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Noriaki Kakyoin, Muhammad Avdol and Jean Pierre Polnareff and how they saved the world from an evil vampire called Dio. More here ðŸ‘‡


Concellation 2020

With much of the world passing through strange, and often scary times, many film, comic, and gaming conventions were cancelled. On Facebook, an imaginary convention, one that was supposedly cancelled before it could begin, flourished, with thirty-four thousand virtual guests, growing virtual trade rooms, cosplay parades, games, jokes, and almost every other staple of the … Continue reading Concellation 2020

Book Offers

As part of the Authors Give Back sale where authors support readers during this difficult time Estela Vazquez Perez is offering her book, Light and Shadows, at a reduced price. New York theater actress Teresa Guzman has landed the coveted lead role in the true story of the life of a murdered prostitute, but the … Continue reading Book Offers