Classic Movies: Tiger Bay by Hannah Howe

Filmed during the winter of 1958-59, Tiger Bay stars Hayley Mills in her first screen role, her father, John, the ‘German James Dean’, Horst Buchholz, as a Polish sailor, Korchinsky and a host of fine character actors. Originally a novel, the screenplay was adapted by John Hawkesworth and Shelly Smith and the film was directed … Continue reading Classic Movies: Tiger Bay by Hannah Howe


Discovering Dolgellau

Discovering Dolgellau by Millie Slavidou A beautiful but often overlooked corner of the world lies waiting to be discovered in North Wales. Tucked away in the region of Snowdonia is Dolgellau and its surrounding area. If you are in search of peace and quiet, in beautiful natural surroundings, any time of year is good to … Continue reading Discovering Dolgellau

Arthur of the Britons

Several poems attributed to the sixth century poet Taliesin also refer to Arthur. These poems include ‘Kadeir Teyrnon’ (‘The Chair of the Prince’), making reference to ‘Arthur the Blessed’, ‘Preiddeu Annwn’ (‘The Spoils of Annwn’), which recounts Arthur’s expedition to the Otherworld, and ‘Marwnat Vthyr Pendragon’ (‘The Elegy of Uther Pendragon’), a poem that refers … Continue reading Arthur of the Britons